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Is there a single country in the world who can offer the UK a valid reason for staying in the EU? ‘Cause I haven’t heard them speak yet.
Stop threatening us, it just pisses us off more..not=afraid

Illma Gore’s, the artist who painted an unflattering nude of Donald Trump, which went on display at Maddox Gallery in London last month, said she has been threatened with legal action if she sells the infamous piece.

Illma Gore’s “Make America Great Again”, named after the Republican candidate’s campaign slogan, went on display at the Maddox gallery in Mayfair earlier this month, and is valued at £1 million.

Now the Los Angeles-based artist saysshe has received a phone call from an anonymous number threatening legal action if the painting was sold. “They claimed to be from Trump’s team,” she told the Independent.

Source: Artist who painted nude Donald Trump says she has been threatened with legal action

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