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Once upon a long time ago, a man could turn on his TV and learn something for free!
What can you learn for free now? how to murder, rape, mutilate..
When did the open unversity become pay-per-view, where only people who pay can learn?
What is left for our children to watch? the omen, the davinci-bollocks, the hobbit?
Why are there no free Geographic channels?
How can we respect others if we cannot learn about them, for nothing?
Everything the BBC offers for free is transferred to pay-only as soon as it becomes popular, no matter how many times it has been repeated. How many times must we pay to see the same program, again and again and again and again…


has it got to do with the U.S if we want to leave Europe. Our special relationship just kills our soldiers…
Richard Branson wants us to stay in Europe, SPEND some MONEY supporting the poor you cunt….

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