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Contradictory statements are leaping forward all over the web… see below… (Extract)


‘Claims that Hitler was a Zionist, or supported Zionism, before his anti-Jewish policies turned into murder and extermination flare up at regular intervals. They usually cite the controversial Haavara Agreement (Transfer Agreement) of August 1933 as the most potent evidence of a wilful cooperation between Hitler and the Zionist movement. When viewed in a certain way, this deal does superficially seem to show that Hitler’s government endorsed Zionism – but just because it was a mechanism to help German Jews relocate to Palestine it does not imply it was “Zionist”.

The Haavara Agreement was the only formal contract signed between Nazi Germany and a Zionist organisation. The signatories were the Reich Ministry of Economics, the Zionistische Vereinigung für Deutschland (Zionist Federation of Germany) and the Anglo-Palestine Bank (then under the directive of the Jewish Agency for Palestine).’

Source: Labour antisemitism row: there was nothing Zionist about Hitler’s plans for the Jews


The papers in the UK are carrying on a campaign of slander against the Labour Party and Jeremy Corbyn shouting ‘Anti-Semitic’and ‘Racist’ every time someone criticises israel…

How can people who support a Free Palestine be anti-Semitic?

There is a lot of the Jewish Community themselves who do not support israel or Zionism, are they to be labelled Racists too?

Stop talking Bollocks…

Anti-israel is not Anti-Jew, any more than Anti-daesh is Anti-Islam.

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