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A U.S. Navy SEAL was killed in Northern Iraq Tuesday by direct fire from ISIS forces that penetrated several miles across Kurdish lines. A statement from Arizona Governor Doug Ducey identified the slain service member as Charlie Keating.

“Our state and nation are in mourning today over the loss of a U.S. serviceman –- and one of America’s finest. Navy SEAL Charlie Keating, a graduate of Arcadia High School in Phoenix, was killed this morning in an ISIS attack” in Iraq, said Ducey’s statement, which ordered all state flags in Arizona to be lowered to half staff on Wednesday and the day of his interment.

“Our thoughts, prayers and eternal gratitude are with Charlie Keating, his family, his fellow SEALs, and all of the brave Americans who’ve answered the call to serve.”

ABC News Phoenix affiliate KNXV reports that according to family members Keating graduated from Arcadia High School in 2004 and is the grandson of the late Arizona businessman Charles Keating and a cousin of Olympic swimmer Gary Hall Jr.

Keating was a champion long-distance runner at Arcadia High School and then attended Indiana University before becoming a Navy SEAL based out of Coronado, California, according to KNXV.

The announcement of the third U.S. death in combat against ISIS was made by Defense Secretary Ash Carter, who was in Stuttgart, Germany, to attend the change-of-command ceremony at U.S. European Command.

“I’m getting reports a U.S. service member has been killed in Iraq,” Carter said. “Our thoughts and prayers are with that service member’s family.”

Carter highlighted the combat risks the roughly 5,000 U.S. troops in Iraq still face even though they are officially in a training, advise and assist mission. “It shows you it’s a serious fight that we have to wage in Iraq,” he said.

A U.S. defense official confirmed to ABC News that around 9:30 a.m. local time ISIS forces penetrated the Kurdish Peshmerga front lines near Irbil.

“This morning a U.S. servicemember advising and assisting Peshmerga forces was killed by enemy fire north of Mosul,” Pentagon spokesman Peter Cook said in a statement.

“The casualty occurred during an ISIL attack on a Peshmerga position approximately three to five kilometers behind the forward line of troops.”

A defense official told ABC News that ISIS used truck bombs to break through Peshmerga lines located about 17 miles north of the ISIS-held city of Mosul. The serviceman was killed by ISIS “direct fire” after ISIS forces pushed to his position. There were no other U.S. casualties in the incident.

In line with his advise-and-assist duties with Kurdish forces, the service member was located away from the front lines.

The official said the ISIS attack was repelled by 23 airstrikes carried out by F-15, F-16, A-10 jets and drones that had been called in to support the coalition and Kurdish forces.

It is unclear how many Peshmerga casualties resulted from the incident.

This is the third U.S. combat-hostile fire death in Iraq since U.S. forces returned in June 2014. There have been 13 non-hostile deaths in Iraq and in the region associated with the anti-ISIS mission.

Source: US Navy SEAL Killed in Combat by ISIS Forces in Northern Iraq – ABC News

LONDON: Indian-origin Islamic State terrorist from Britain Siddhartha Dhar, dubbed as the “New Jihadi John”, is a senior commander of the dreaded outfit, according to a media report.

Nihad Barakat, a Yazidi teenager held as a sex slave by the group, was quoted as saying by the Independent that she was kidnapped and trafficked by Siddhartha, who is now based in Mosul, the group’s Iraqi stronghold.

Siddhartha, a British Hindu who converted to Islam and now goes by the name Abu Rumaysah, had skipped police bail in the UK to travel to Syria with his wife and young children in 2014.

In an interview for a new documentary series for UK-based British Muslim TV about life on the frontline in Iraq, Barakat said Siddhartha was among the foreign fighters who enslaved her.

“When I was captured near Kirkuk, they took me to another leader from Mosul. His name was Abu Dhar. He also took Yazidi girls for himself. Every day he would tell me that I had to marry another man,” she said.

The newspaper admits that while it is difficult to verify whether “Abu Dhar” is the same man as the most-wanted British terror suspect, the documentary’s presenter said he was “very confident” Barakat was referring to Siddhartha.

“From the information I have, Siddhartha is deemed a leader in Mosul now, and she was very insistent on that name. When we showed her pictures of Siddhartha she recognised them but went very cold. She didn’t want to go further and got very agitated,” said presenter Joseph Hayat.

Londoner Siddhartha is believed to have replaced Mohammed Emwazi, known as ‘Jihadi John’ before he was killed in a drone strike, as the masked apparent executioner of western hostages in ISIS propaganda videos.

His sister, Konika Dhar, had appeared before a House of Commons Home Affairs Committee hearing earlier this year which was trying to establish the possibility of Siddhartha being the masked man who appeared in an ISIS propaganda video showing “British spies” being executed.

“I’m still holding to the firm belief that what I’m seeing is not him – and I haven’t had verification otherwise. It’s sort of the realisation that ‘is he really my brother that has done this? and I can’t accept that he would ever do that. I can’t accept it,” the London-based law student had said.

Siddhartha had six previous arrests while in the UK and was free on bail when he was able to escape from the UK via Paris.

Source: ISIS sex slave kidnapped by ‘new Jihadi John’ suspect Siddhartha Dhar – Times of India

Israel urged its citizens in Turkey on Monday to leave “as soon as possible” in an upgraded travel advisory predicting possible follow-up attacks to the March 19 suicide bombing in Istanbul blamed on Islamic State.

Three Israeli tourists and an Iranian were killed in the Istanbul attack, which prompted the counter-terrorism bureau in Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office to issue a generalised “level 3” warning against travel to Turkey.

A statement by the bureau raised this to “level 2” on Monday, signifying what it called a “high concrete threat” that Islamic State or similar groups would attack Turkish tourist attractions. It did not elaborate on what prompted the alert.

The statement said Israelis should avoid going to Turkey and, if already there, “depart as soon as possible”.

If a “level 1” alert were by issued by Israel, that would urge citizens to leave the country “forthwith”.


Source: Israel urges citizens to leave Turkey, cites Islamic State threat | Reuters


Tony Blair has said that “many millions” of Muslims hold a viewpoint that is “fundamentally incompatible with the modern world.”

Arguing that Isis is simply “tens of thousands of brainwashed crazies,” he continued:  “[Isis] does not seek dialogue but dominance. It cannot therefore be contained. It has to be defeated.”

To mitigate against such attacks, the ex-PM argued for “active on-the-ground military support” for Arab armies, stating that Isis “have to be crushed.”

Source: Many millions of Muslims ‘fundamentally incompatible with the modern world’, says Tony Blair | Middle East | News | The Independent


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