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The death toll from a volcanic eruption in western Indonesia has climbed to six, an official said Sunday, with fears more could have been trapped by the hot ash.

Three people also remain in a critical condition after Mount Sinabung, a highly-active volcano on Sumatra island, unleashed a series of eruptions on Saturday afternoon, disaster agency spokesman Sutopo Purwo Nugroho said.

“Nine people were struck by the hot clouds. Six died, and three others remain critical with burns,” he said, adding the injured had been taken to hospital.

The victims were all farming within the “red zone” – an area four kilometres from Sinabung declared off limits by government authorities for safety reasons – when they were consumed by pyroclastic clouds.

These fast-moving waves of hot gas and rock can reach 700 degrees celsius as they roar down the sides of the volcano, Sutopo said.

Search and rescue teams were carefully scouring homes and farms in Gamber village, where residents were ordered to evacuate in late 2014 due to the unacceptable risk from lava flows, dense ash and falling volcanic rock.

“It is not known exactly how many people were in Gamber village when the hot clouds descended,” he said, adding emergency crews were wary of the risk of further eruptions.

“There shouldn’t have been any public activity [within the red zone].”

Many living in temporary shelters had begun moving back to their farms for economic reasons, despite repeated warnings, he added.

Tens of thousands of people have been displaced since Sinabung rumbled back to life in 2013 after a period of inactivity.

It periodically erupts spectacularly, sending columns of ash several kilometres into the sky, and sometimes claims lives. Sixteen died during a particularly fierce eruption in 2014, and Sinabung remains at the highest alert level.

It is one of 129 active volcanoes in Indonesia, which sits on the Pacific Ring of Fire, a belt of seismic activity running around the basin of the Pacific Ocean.

Source: Deadly volcanic eruption in Indonesia leaves village swamped by ash | World news | The Guardian

  • People ranging in age from 10 to 50 are shackled to the floor in Sidoharjo, Karangpatihan and Krebet in Indonesia
  • They suffer from severe physical retardation, also known as ‘Kampung Idiot’, which is akin to Down Syndrome
  • Over 400 people suffer from psychosocial disabilities in Ponorogo, East Java – and many live below the poverty line
  • Government officials and villagers blame incest, malnutrition and iodine deficiency as the cause for the illness

This is the harrowing Indonesian village where people with mental illnesses are shackled to the floor and locked up in dark, cell-like rooms.

In Sidoharjo, Karangpatihan and Krebet, both adolescents and adults suffer from severe physical retardation, also known as ‘Kampung Idiot’, which is comparable to Down’s Syndrome.

The horrifying images show a 40-year-old woman called Sijum with Down’s Syndrome lying immobile on her back as her mother spoon-feeds her, while Saimun, 45, sits on the ground in his house, where his legs have been chained for 20 years by his parents because he suffers from mental illness.

‘Nobody should have to be shackled in Indonesia in 2016 – people told us again and again that it’s like living in hell,’ Kriti Sharma, disability rights researcher at the group and author of the report, told AFP.

As well as shackling, the report listed a litany of other abuses the mentally ill face in Indonesia – sexual violence, electroshock therapy, and restraint and seclusion in often overcrowded, unsanitary institutions.

There are just 48 mental hospitals in Indonesia, a country of 250 million, most of them in urban areas.

Treatment options are scarce for the millions living in remote regions, leaving desperate families to turn to faith healers in the Muslim-majority nation, some of whom chain up patients.

Source: Indonesian village’s mentally ill patients are pictured shackled or locked away | Daily Mail Online

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