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The papers in the UK are carrying on a campaign of slander against the Labour Party and Jeremy Corbyn shouting ‘Anti-Semitic’and ‘Racist’ every time someone criticises israel…

How can people who support a Free Palestine be anti-Semitic?

There is a lot of the Jewish Community themselves who do not support israel or Zionism, are they to be labelled Racists too?

Stop talking Bollocks…

Anti-israel is not Anti-Jew, any more than Anti-daesh is Anti-Islam.

Jeremy Corbyn has been given a standing ovation after becoming the first political leader in living memory to address the National Union of Teachers (NUT) conference.

The Labour veteran brought the packed conference hall in Brighton to its feet as he took to the stage to accuse Tories of presiding over a “crisis in our schools”.

The former backbencher laid into Government plans for the academisation of all state schools in England.”George Osborne used the Budget to announce the forced academisation of all schools,” he told the conference.

“Let’s be clear – this is an ideological attack on teachers and on local and parental accountability – it was nowhere in Tory manifesto, it’s something that’s just been dreamt up at the last minute and stuck into the Budget.


Source: Corbyn Given Standing Ovation At NUT Conference

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