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Great help in a tsunami.

Top model Lara Stone showed off her gorgeous figure on Miami Beach on Friday, accidentally exposing her breasts while posing for her latest photoshoot.

While some stars might be left mortified if they were snapped topless, the 32-year-old mum-of-one had no problem letting it all hangout while flaunting her figure in just a sequined jacket and bikini bottoms on Miami Beach.

So much skin Lara!

The beauty didn’t seem to mind though and was totally unfazed that her top half was on display as she waited in between takes.

Source: Lara Stone gets x-rated in Miami as she flashes her breasts during racy bikini shoot – Mirror Online

Source: MindaVote2016 – in 1989 he valiantly risked his life to ensure the…

Netflix announced in a blog post in January that it would be employing new high-tech methods to stymie VPNs and other side-doors to the “geo-blocking” of programming.

The movies and TV shows illegally streamed are generally not licensed by Netflix in Canada.

And by all accounts, Netflix was not bluffing.

One of the larger for-pay VPN services,, seems to have had its access U.S. Netflix crippled. Its Twitter feed is an endless stream of posts like “Sorry, we are a few days behind, but we are working as fast as we can around the clock,” and, “If you would like a refund, please let support know and they can help.”

And according to posts in the Reddit-based board NetFlixByProxy, people using all sorts of VPNs are receiving the notice “Proxy Detected — Access to America Denied” and headers like “Anybody know how they are blocking us?” Others on the board are warning not to mention VPNs that are still functioning, fearing Netflix is monitoring such comments and will target offenders accordingly.

One Toronto-based digital professional, who preferred his name not be used, confirmed to the Sun he subscribes to and that he has lately been unable to access American Netflix with it.

“It sounds like Netflix will triumph, which sucks for me,” he said. He said he has been using a VPN to access Netflix and other geo-blocked U.S. streaming services like Hulu because “it makes cutting the (cable) cord that much less painful.”

How many Canadians are affected by the techno-attack on VPNs is unclear. But about 40% of English-speaking Canadians have Netflix subscriptions, according to Media Technology Monitor. And of them, about a third admit to having accessed the American version.

Contacted this week by Canadian Press, Netflix offered no comment on the current state of its VPN war, beyond what was announced in January.

Source: Netflix drops tech-bomb on Canadian VPN users | News | Tech | Toronto Sun

EXCLUSIVE:  ‘Who Dares Wins’ legend Albert Patterson jailed for 15 months…

The  9mm weapon, seized from an Argentinian officer, was found hidden with four Enfield pistols and ammo in the cellar of his home in Hereford in 2014.

Source: SAS hero gets 15 months for war-trophy gun

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