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Today, an asian photographer smiled her ass off at me.

(Various other shit happened, same shit-different day, I have let go of the negative.)

I choose to remember making a woman smile.


The BBC has refused to deny that they continue to hide the Anti-Government/Anti-Austerity marches under the stories of pictures of lovely kittens..

No-one wants to know what is really happening, the BBC didn’t say ‘they want to feel good about kittens and stuff happening in Peru…

We will continue to publish pictures of peoples dinners until these Demonstrations – which are not happening- stop happening…’

President Putin was not described as ‘Laughing his fucking arse off’ at the media white-out…

Bring a bib. But don’t tell the Russians…

Brixton’s Blues Kitchen will turn its Acre Lane forecourt into a space dedicated to BBQ ribs next week, with some of London’s and the USA’s best ‘cue cooks turning up to smoke some meat.

The festival will kick off on Monday with DJ BBQ at the smoker. Tuesday sees the arrival of the ever-popular Rib Man, who will serve his ribs doused in the extra hot version of his Holy Fuck sauce, Christ on a Bike.

On Wednesday it’s the turn of Shotgun BBQ’s Brad McDonald, serving Jacob’s ladder cut 16-hour Memphis-style smoked pork ribs. Home Team BBQ holds Thursday’s finale spot, all the way from South Carolina. They will be serving Carolina-style St. Louis Pork ribs with Alabama white BBQ sauce, which they modestly title “most life-changing ribs in America.”

Source: A BBQ Rib Festival Is Happening In South London All Next Week | Londonist

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