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Which bit of right wing propaganda does president chump want the media to report?

As he legalises the hunting of bears with donuts and raises the emission rates for cars, Legislates to plunder Alaska and accuses everyone who criticises him of Fake News, even going as far as calling the Daily Mail left wing. Ha ha!

He couldn’t even honour a dead opponent by keeping the flags at half-mast.

Maybe the people using google,facebook and twitter just do not like him!

“MEN are afraid that women will laugh at them. Women are afraid that men will kill them.” – Margaret Atwood

This quote is attached to a post on Bye Felipe, the Instagram account documenting abusive behaviour of men on dating sites.

The post is a particularly powerful example of a man whose initial approach turns to threats of violence within minutes of a perceived rejection.

Bye Felipe

Bye Felipe is full of examples of hideous conduct by men, with hundreds of screenshots in which men threaten women, calling them ‘c**ts’ and ‘whores’, tell them they’re ugly and fat, and send unsolicited d**k pics. It’s very confronting.

What’s worse, nearly every young woman who has dated online can relate.

The Bye Felipe name is a play on ‘Bye Felicia’, the now-famous dismissive farewell given by Ice Cube in the movie Friday.

Alexandra (Ali) Tweten, a bubbly 28-year-old Los Angeles resident, founded the Bye Felipe account in response to a lengthy thread in a private Facebook women’s group. One member of the group posted a screenshot of a stranger calling her an ‘asshole’ after she failed to respond to his approach.

The post was soon inundated with screenshots from other women, all of whom had had similarly bad experiences.

Ali receives up to 20 screenshots a day from women all around the world, including Australia.

“I always think ‘This has to be the worst one ever’, but then there’s another,” she tells me. “It gets really depressing.”

Source: Bye Felipe Instagram account exposes a particularly awful form of online abuse

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