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Facebook thinks that saying white people are stupid is racist, despite me being white.

Of course white people are stupid, they hate black people and spend a fortune trying to look like them. If that is not stupid, maybe we can get a woman with an oversized ego and she can grow a fat ass to match..

I do not find black women sexually attractive. I just don’t like them


Skinny, Scandinavian, blond women, yeah baby!

I just don’t find black people attractive!

Which bit of right wing propaganda does president chump want the media to report?

As he legalises the hunting of bears with donuts and raises the emission rates for cars, Legislates to plunder Alaska and accuses everyone who criticises him of Fake News, even going as far as calling the Daily Mail left wing. Ha ha!

He couldn’t even honour a dead opponent by keeping the flags at half-mast.

Maybe the people using google,facebook and twitter just do not like him!

Suddenpy, no plants, no water, no trees.

Good luck, you thick cunts..

Streisand effect?

Facebook has deleted a post by the Norwegian prime minister in an escalating row over the website’s decision to remove content featuring the Pulitzer-prize winning “napalm girl” photograph from the Vietnam war.

Erna Solberg, the Conservative prime minister, called on Facebook to “review its editing policy” after it deleted her post voicing support for a Norwegian newspaper that had fallen foul of the social media giant’s guidelines.

Solberg was one of a string of Norwegian politicians who shared the iconic image after Facebook deleted a post from Tom Egeland, a writer who had included the Nick Ut picture as one of seven photographs he said had “changed the history of warfare”.

Egeland was subsequently suspended from Facebook and his standoff with the social media giant was reported by the daily newspaper Aftenposten, which used the same image in its reporting of the story and itself came under pressure from Facebook to delete the picture.

Aftenposten’s editor-in-chief, Espen Egil Hansen, said the newspaper had received a message from Facebook asking it to “either remove or pixelize” the photograph. He refused and wrote an open letter to Mark Zuckerberg saying he was failing to live up to his role as “the world’s most powerful editor”.

In her intervention on Friday, the Norwegian prime minister wrote that the photograph, entitled The Terror of War and featuring the naked nine-year-old Kim Phúc running away from a napalm attack, had “shaped world history”.

Solberg added: “I appreciate the work Facebook and other media do to stop content and pictures showing abuse and violence … But Facebook is wrong when they censor such images.”

Source: Facebook deletes Norwegian PM’s post as ‘napalm girl’ row escalates | Technology | The Guardian

Two teenagers who plotted to kidnap babies by offering free designer children’s clothes through a fake Facebook page have been sentenced to 12 months behind bars.

Holly Kelland, 18, set up a profile under a different name with the aim of contacting mothers with young children.

Together with school friend Codie Farrar, 17, Kelland tried to lure in targets by telling them they had won prizes, including designer baby clothes, in fictitious raffles.

The pair managed to convince one mother to hand over her home address and Farrar later visited, pretending to be a social worker who needed to take the baby away for a ‘medical assessment’.

However the woman became suspicious when Farrar held the baby’s head incorrectly and notified social services.

Police later arrested the teenager, who said Kelland had recruited her to try and kidnap the baby.

Both girls were handed 12-month detention orders after previously admitting to conspiracy to kidnap three babies, identified only as ‘U’, ‘S’ and ‘W’, in September last year.

Kelland, of Wolverhampton, also admitted to three further counts of fraud by false representation.

Sentencing the girls at Derby Youth Court, District Judge Jonathan Taaffe said: ‘By its very nature this is a case of extreme seriousness.

‘A plan was hatched to kidnap a baby and not followed through, and fortunately it was only the alertness of the mother that prevented the actual kidnap taking place.

‘It was not a momentary decision but a prolonged period of action which involved setting up of a fake Facebook account to obtain details of new-born babies and families’ details.

‘It involved travelling to areas far away from home, and masquerading as a social worker.

‘The baby was held by Codie, who was pretending to be a health care professional, and the distress caused to the babies and their mothers should not be underestimated.’

The court heard that three new mothers were regularly asked for their addresses in conversations with Kelland and Farrar who operated under the fake Facebook profile.

Source: Two girls jailed for trying to kidnap babies by luring mothers by offering free kids clothes | Daily Mail Online

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