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Which bit of right wing propaganda does president chump want the media to report?

As he legalises the hunting of bears with donuts and raises the emission rates for cars, Legislates to plunder Alaska and accuses everyone who criticises him of Fake News, even going as far as calling the Daily Mail left wing. Ha ha!

He couldn’t even honour a dead opponent by keeping the flags at half-mast.

Maybe the people using google,facebook and twitter just do not like him!

I sat by the river in Richmond today and chatting to an elderly white couple, was bombarded by rhetoric about ‘spotting a white face’ in their home town and how the ‘wedding’, was indicative of a downhill trend.

Shame on you!

Murderers calling murderers, murderers.

Donald Trump has said Britain and Europe are “not safe places” following the recent terror attacks.

Mr Trump told ABC: “I don’t think Bruss – England or I don’t think that Europe is a safe place. No, I don’t. I think there are a lot of problems in Europe that are very, very severe.

In December Mr Trump was mocked by Britons for his comments on “no-go” areas in London, when he claimed that some areas of the capital were “so radicalised that the police are afraid for their own lives”

Source: Donald Trump: Britain and Europe ‘not safe’ after terror attacks

Some areas of London have become “ethnic ghettos” where it is unsafe to walk and even the police themselves “fear to tread” – according to some extraordinary reports published by Russian state media in the wake of the Brussels bombings.

An article by the Kremlin-supported RT news outlet claimed there were parts of Paris, Berlin and the UK capital which could be likened to the Molenbeek municipality of Brussels, the subject of much attention since the Paris bombings.

According to a lengthy translation by the state-run Sputnik News website, areas of London such as Brixton and Peckham have “potentially ‘explosive’ ethnic neighbourhoods” like Molenbeek’s own – that extraordinarily insensitive pun included.

Linking districts that are “multicultural” to high numbers of “not-so-law abiding citizens”, Sputnik’s version observes that “it’s a different kind of London, not the one you might read about in a Charles Dickens novel”.

Source: Russian state media claim London has no-go ‘ethnic ghettos’ like Brussels’ Molenbeek in wake of attacks | Europe | News | The Independent

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