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They accuse me of theft in an attempt to protect their staff.
Gerard a pisshead who drinks at work in m&s at Kew, called me an asshole in front of a manager, m&s then accused me of theft of alcohol and refused to call the police.
After reviewing CCTV they awarded me a £15 voucher…
It is not just bullshit, it is M&S bullshit…

Supermarket chain Sainsbury’s is to stop running its Brand Match scheme, which gives money back when branded goods are cheaper at rival Asda.

Sainsbury’s, which has been running the promotion since 2011, will end it in three weeks’ time.

It says it will use the money saved to cut prices on basics.

Increasingly shoppers buy little and often, which means fewer baskets contain the 10 items needed to qualify for Brand Match.

Earlier on Thursday, the Co-op credited the “little and often” method for its growing sales. The Co-op has 2,800 stores, more than double that of Sainsbury’s.


This is the second change in promotional strategy from Sainsbury’s this year.

Earlier this year, it announced it would stop multi-buy deals, saying customers found these caused “logistical challenges at home in terms of storage and waste”.

Sainsbury’s is following a trend among its rivals, who are all facing fierce competition from the fast-growing discounters, Aldi and Lidl.

Morrisons last year stopped the price-matching element of its loyalty card scheme and Asda has made changes to its scheme.

Research also shows that a plethora of special offers and promotions leave shoppers confused.

Source: Sainsbury’s to ditch Brand Match scheme – BBC News

Online retail giant Amazon is selling a t-shirt for children that carries the slogan, ‘I don’t speak stupid b****’.

The controversial t-shirt has sparked complaints from concerned parents who argue the clothing is inappropriate and offensive.

One shocked reader told the Mirror Online: “I’m not surprised by much any more, but my jaw really hit the floor when I came upon this boys’ T shirt advertised on Amazon .

“It’s available in sizes to fit kids from around toddler to pre-teen. The makers describe the product as ‘gender neutral’, but somehow I don’t think so!”

A reviewer on Amazon blasted the t-shirt in a sarcastic post saying: “Over the moon with this stylish and inspiring T shirt for my little boy.

Source: Amazon slammed for selling t-shirts for children that say ‘I don’t speak stupid b****’ – Mirror Online

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