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The therapist in question is Anne Craig, a self-described ‘personal development coach’. And according to Mrs Ticehurst, after sessions with Mrs Craig, Victoria became convinced she was abused by her parents.

Now a Mail on Sunday investigation has uncovered several former clients with disturbingly similar stories to tell. Mrs Craig, it is claimed, has told them she can analyse dreams and is in touch with the spirit world. It is said she seeks to examine whether their problems have been caused by a dysfunctional upbringing.

The ex-clients also claim the therapist’s methods isolated them, forcing them to rely on her. One young woman told The Mail on Sunday Mrs Craig had tried wrongly to suggest that she, too, had been sexually abused by her father.

While Mrs Craig denies any wrongdoing, what remains beyond doubt is that 26-year-old Victoria Cayzer has been beyond the reach of her family for the past four years.

Source: Victoria Cayzer’s grandma claims she vanished after ‘healer’s claims’ | Daily Mail Online


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A Christian health worker in the NHS has lost her appeal against a ruling which suspended her for giving a religious book to a Muslim colleague.

Victoria Wasteney, 39, was found guilty in 2014 by her employer, the East London NHS Foundation Trust, of “harassing and bullying” a work friend,

She had given her a book about a Muslim woman’s encounter with Christianity and asked her to church.

Miss Wasteney said she had “no idea” she was upsetting her.

Working as a senior occupational therapist at the time, Miss Wasteney, who also prayed with her colleague, was suspended for nine months and given a written warning.

Source: NHS Christian worker loses appeal after ‘giving book to Muslim colleague’ – BBC News

Pope Francis is likely to disappoint Catholic reformists on Friday with the publication of his views on family life, which observers predict will not change church doctrine on divorcees and gay people, despite presenting a more open approach.

The Amoris Laetitia (Joy of Love) document, known as an apostolic exhortation, follows a two-year consultation with bishops to determine how the church should address the challenges facing modern families.

Francis is expected to adopt a positive tone and welcoming approach to Catholics who do not fit the nuclear family model; but in keeping with the outcome of the bishops’ synods, there is unlikely to be a dramatic shift in church teachings.

The pontiff is not expected to grant divorced Catholics who remarry the right to take holy communion, though he is likely to acknowledge that they should play an active role in church life and not be sidelined.

A similar stance will be taken on gay Catholics, whose relationships will continue to be described as “intrinsically disordered”. The focus instead will rest on the respectful engagement between the church and gay people.

Paulinus Ozodor, a religion professor at the University of Notre Dame in Indiana, US, said it was necessary for the pontiff to reaffirm the church’s beliefs. “As a community that has firm beliefs about the human person, it does sometimes have to teach things that are contrary to what many people think is right,” he told the Guardian.

Source: Pope Francis to dismay reformists with ‘modern families’ document | World news | The Guardian

Police in Russia have raided 25 homes and shrines in Moscow and St Petersburg and arrested people linked to the notorious Aum Shinrikyo cult.

The group gained infamy when it launched a deadly sarin nerve gas attack on the subway in the Japanese capital Tokyo, which killed 13 people and left thousands suffering from its debilitating consequences.

The cult’s leader Shoko Asahara along with 12 of his followers got death sentences and it was thought to have gone to ground. However, after the arrests in Russia of 10 people, plus 44 Russians in Montenegro being investigated over links to the group, questions are being raised as to why they have resurfaced in Europe.

How did it start?

Its founder is Chizuo Matsumoto, who was born in 1955 into an impoverished family in the south of Japan. Glaucoma robbed him of his sight in one eye and he was partially blind in the other.

A 2011 report carried out by the US-based Center for a New American Security (CNAS) reported how Matsumoto became an acupuncturist in the city of Kumamoto, but moved to Tokyo in 1977 to further his education.

Aum Shinrikyo
Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe offers flowers to victims of the sarin poison gas attack on March 20, 2015, on the 20th anniversary of the incidentReuters

He developed an interest in New Age religions and turned to yoga, mysticism, Buddhist texts and the writings of Nostradamus. He opened a yoga school in Tokyo in 1984 called Aum Inc where he lectured how he was a source of spiritual power.

By 1985, he would make public pronouncements that he was a sacred warrior charged with saving the world and how he would restore “original Buddhism” to the world. He changed the group’s name to Aum Shinsen no Kai which means “Aum Mountain Wizards”.

Source: Why have 30,000 Russians joined Japanese doomsday cult Aum Shinrikyo?

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