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Britain First has announced it is to launch a “direct action campaign against Muslim elected officials” targeting “where they live, work, pray”.

The militant, far-right group says politicians such as Sadiq Khan and Sajid David would now be classed as “occupiers” intent on taking over the UK.

The full text of Britain First’s press release reads…


Britain First is about to launch a direct action campaign against Muslim elected officials, at all levels of politics.

Figures such as Sadiq Khan (mayor of London), Sajid Javid (cabinet minister), MOHAMMED Altaf-Khan (mayor of Oxford), Hussain Akhtar (mayor of Blackburn), Shafique Shah (mayor of Birmingham) and so on.

This campaign was prompted by the election of Islamic extremist Sadiq Khan as mayor of London.

Britain First leader Paul Golding said: “Britain First specialises in militant direct action and has tracked down and confronted numerous hate preachers and terrorists.”

“Britain First now considers all Muslim elected officials as “occupiers” and will start to oppose their strategy of entryism and take-over of our political system.”

“Our intelligence led operations will focus on all aspects of their day-to-day lives and official functions, including where they live, work, pray and so on.”

“Britain First has an official policy of banning Islam in the UK and will not stop until all Islamist occupiers are driven out of politics completely.”

“Stand by for a flurry of direct operations, similar to those we have launched numerous times against Islamists such as hate preacher Anjem Choudary.”

The newsletter was distributed to a number of journalists who appeared to be surprised they even were subscribed.

Source: Britain First Target Muslim Elected Officials Including Sadiq Khan In ‘Direct Action Campaign’


Britain First has been chased out of Leicester by a large group of demonstrators chanting “racists are not welcome here”.

Leader Paul Golding and “around 20 activists” had set up a stall in the centre of the city to distribute anti-EU leaflets.

But the far-right group’s message didn’t wash with the public and they were soon surrounded by ant-facist protesters.

The embarrassing incident comes just weeks after they suffered a crushing defeat in the London Mayoral election after which they posted a video lamenting the capital’s first Muslim Mayor, Sadiq Khan.

Source: Britain First Leicester Anti-EU Protest Gets Chased Out Of Town

A RACIST YouTuber with over 40,000 subscribers has had her channel suspended because of her vile videos.

The young girl known only as Evalion has filmed herself singing Happy Birthday to Hitler and explaining how to recognise a Jew.

Some of her most popular videos are titled ‘Why Hitler Wasn’t Evil’ and ‘How Feminists Supported Rape by Causing the Migrant Crisis’.

The girl is thought to be an 18-year-old living in Canada and narrates her videos in a sweet, girlish tone.

YouTube were alerted to the offensive nature of her videos when she was the subject of a video by fellow vlogger Leafyishere.

The video was called ‘The Most Racist Girl On The Entire Internet’.

The teenager has openly admitted to being a Holocaust denier and has called Hitler a “brilliant” and “compassionate man”.

In her videos she has said: “Do you hate Jews as much as I do?” and “Do you want to know how to spot a Jew”.

On Hitler’s birthday, she filmed herself singing Happy Birthday in front of a picture of the Nazi leader.

Her suspension from the video sharing site has sparked a massive debate on social media over whether she should be banned or not.

One Twitter user called Spanky the Monkey said: “If you love free speech, then you have to allow ALL people to speak!”

And @Polite_Critical said: “I don’t support what Evalion says, but I defend her right to say it.”

However other people agreed with the Google owned video platform’s decision.

@HeroticTV said: ‘YouTube has every reason to ban Evalion from YouTube.”

And Craig Ewen said: “I think Evalion deserved it. At the end of the day YouTube is a place kids 5+ can go to.”

An official YouTube spokesperson said: “That channel was terminated by us because it violated policies against hate speech.”

Source: Racist video blogger Evalion booted off YouTube after posting shocking videos where she praises Hitler and racially abuses Jews and black people.

The handgun used to kill unarmed black teenager Trayvon Martin in 2012 has been sold in a private auction, according to the website that hosted the sale.

George Zimmerman, who was acquitted of Trayvon’s murder, auctioned the gun, calling it an “American icon”.

Auction host,, did not disclose the sale price.

The sale of the gun has drawn criticism from those claiming Zimmerman was seeking to profit from Trayvon’s death.

Gun rights advocates have applauded him for exercising his legal rights under current US law.

There were two separate auctions being hosted on – one for prequalified bidders and one for the general public.

Source: Gun that killed Trayvon Martin ‘sold’ in private auction – BBC News

Is it a “neighborhood watch” or “we’re watching your neighborhood?” A Mississippi neighborhood was disgusted when they found rolled up fliers in their driveways this week from the Ku Klux Klan. The fliers identify as being from the “Loyal White Knights” and claim to be part of a “neighborhood watch.”

“The law abiding citizens of your community can sleep in peace knowing the klan is awake!” the flier says before a photo of a hooded klansman.

“Why are y’all spreading these?” a reporter for WAPT asked when she called the number on the flier.

“We are spreadin’ em to let people know The Klan is in the neighborhood,” an unidentified man claiming to be a Grand Dragon of the KKK said over the phone. “We are here wanting to protect the Christian values of what is left of white America.”

When asked how the man plans to protect people he explained, “If an individual is having trouble in his neighborhood… Let’s say he’s having trouble in a Latino neighborhood or some of the African-Americans in his community, they can call us, let us know the situation. And if it’s a situation we feel like needs to be looked into. We will look into it.”

The neighborhood’s security company said that they have safety and security under control. One resident explained that even if they didn’t, the last thing he wants is help on behalf of the KKK.

Source: Mississippi neighborhood rejects KKK offer to ‘protect’ whites from Latinos and African-Americans

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