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Hundreds of protesters have gathered outside a council meeting where a decision on whether to approve fracking for the first time in England since a ban was lifted in 2012 is expected.

The hearing is considering plans by Third Energy to frack for shale gas at its existing site near Kirby Misperton.

Over 100 people are due to address the council meeting in Northallerton.

Third Energy said it had been producing gas “safely and discreetly” for over 20 years and had a “responsible approach”.

‘Most controversial application’

North Yorkshire county councillors were greeted by placard-waving protesters as they arrived for the planning committee meeting at County Hall.

Source: North Yorkshire fracking meeting draws protesters – BBC News

In her final days, Berta Cáceres was bombarded with texts and calls warning her to give up the fight against the Agua Zarca dam, or else.

The Honduran indigenous leader told trusted friends and colleagues that some of the death threats were from a suspected sicario – or hitman – who was terrorizing community members near the dam and openly boasting of his intention to kill her.

Cáceres started making arrangements to move from her isolated bungalow on the outskirts of the city of La Esperanza to a bustling lodging house run by her organisation, the Civic Council of Popular and Indigenous Organizations of Honduras (COPINH), where she wouldn’t be alone.

The day before she was murdered, Cáceres took her youngest daughter to the airport. As they hugged goodbye, she whispered a final piece of advice. “She told me: ‘If something happens to me, don’t be scared,’” Laura Cáceres, 23, told the Guardian.

Around lunchtime the following day, Cáceres stopped to sign some cheques at COPINH’s women’s centre, where she told Lilian Esperanza, a longtime friend and the group’s financial coordinator, to plan for her not being around. “She wanted to change the rules so someone else could sign checks. She was worried about being murdered or imprisoned,” said Esperanza. “‘I keep reporting the threats, but no one pays attention,’ she told me.”

Less than 12 hours later, Cáceres was shot dead in her home. Her friend Gustavo Castro, coordinator of Friends of the Earth Mexico, was injured in the attack but survived by playing dead.

Despite the evidence that she had been targeted because of her campaign against the dam, police treated three of her closest colleagues – Castro and two members of COPINH – as the prime suspects.

“My daughter was systematically persecuted for years, but still, I didn’t believe they would actually kill her,” said Berta Flores, 83, sitting next to the candlelit altar adorned with fresh flowers and photographs.

“She worked frantically in the days before she was killed. It’s as if she knew time was running out.”

Cáceres was buried on 4 March on what would have been her 45th birthday.

Source: ‘Time was running out’: Honduran activist’s last days marked by threats | Global development | The Guardian


The BBC has refused to deny that they continue to hide the Anti-Government/Anti-Austerity marches under the stories of pictures of lovely kittens..

No-one wants to know what is really happening, the BBC didn’t say ‘they want to feel good about kittens and stuff happening in Peru…

We will continue to publish pictures of peoples dinners until these Demonstrations – which are not happening- stop happening…’

President Putin was not described as ‘Laughing his fucking arse off’ at the media white-out…

The Prime Minister will now be forced into a humbling debate on his controversial decision to spend nearly £10million of public cash on a Europhile leaflet after voters gave their damning verdict.

Within hours of an online petition being set up, an astonishing 100,000 had signed to condemn the PM’s plans, which provoked outrage amongst Brexit campaigners and sparked accusations the Government is using taxpayers’ money to ‘fix’ the upcoming referendum.

The petition passed the magic number at 10.32pm last night, meaning it must now be considered for a debate amongst MPs in parliament.

By this evening more than 160,00 people had signed the online protest. Get Britain Out, which organised the mass protest, tweeted its thanks to all those who leant their support and said the petition could be debated by MPs as early as Tuesday.

Source: EU referendum – Thousands sign petition in protest at Government’s pro-EU leaflets | Politics | News | Daily Express

The Prime Minister and his family escaped for a sunshine trip last week as MPs enjoy a 17-day break from the House of Commons.

Over the Easter weekend Mr Cameron and his wife Samantha were photographed supping beers at the Playa Blanca resort on the popular holiday island.

But, in the Prime Minister’s absence, nearly 30,000 Britons have signed a petition calling for him not to be allowed back from the Canary Islands.

They claim the Tory leader “presents a clear and present danger” to the UK

Urging Home Secretary Theresa May to use her powers to block the Prime Minister’s return to Britain, the petition states: “David Cameron presents a clear and present danger to the short, medium and long term interests of the country.

“As such, the UK should institute a temporary ban on his return to Britain at the conclusion of his holiday in Lanzarote.”

Downing Street has said the Prime Minister is due back at work tomorrow.

The online petition was started by blogger Kerry-anne Mendoza, from Farnborough in Hampshire, who admitted she began the campaign as “a joke” after writing a satirical article for her website.

But after seeing the surge in support for the petition she is hoping to see her campaign attract even greater backing.

Source: Nearly 30,000 sign petition calling for David Cameron to be BANNED from returning to UK | Politics | News | Daily Express

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