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Greek archaeologists believe they have discovered the lost tomb of Aristotle, the greatest philosopher in history.

Kostas Sismanidis said he was almost sure that a 2,400 year-old domed vault he unearthed in ancient Stagira was the burial place of the man credited with formalising logic.

Aristotle. Photograph: Alamy

“I have no hard proof, but strong indications lead me to almost certainty,” said Sismanidis.

Archaeologists have been working painstakingly at the site – the philosopher’s birthplace in 384 BC in the Greek region of Macedonia – for 20 years.

Sismanidis was due to give further details at a world congress in northern Greece of scholars specialised in Aristotle’s work. He said the architecture and location of the tomb, close to Stagira’s ancient square and with panoramic views, supported the belief that it was the philosopher’s final resting place.

Although few of Aristotle’s works have survived, two literary sources – a mainstay for archaeological discovery – suggest that the people of Stagira may have transferred his ashes from Chalcis on the island of Euboea (Chalkida on Evia today) where he is known to have died in 322 BC.

The vault, which has a square marble floor dating from Hellenistic times, appears to have been hurriedly constructed with an altar outside. Coins dated to Alexander the Great and ceramics from royal pottery were also found.

The claim was welcomed by Greece’s culture ministry; a senior aide to the minister, Aristides Baltas, said the academic community was awaiting further details.

“A team of independent archaeologists with no connection to a particular school or department have been working at the site,” the official told the Guardian. “What we know is that their excavation has been meticulous and we await further details with great anticipation.”

Plato’s star pupil, Aristotle was enrolled at the court of ancient Macedonia as the tutor of Alexander the Great. He thereafter travelled around the Aegean and Asia Minor before returning to Athens where he founded his own school, the Lyceum, in 335 BC.

Source: Is this Greek hilltop the 2,400-year-old burial place of Aristotle? | World news | The Guardian

Does the man dream that he is a butterfly or is the butterfly dreaming that he is a man: Can we really tell our dreams from reality?

This question, asked by a netizen on China’s most popular microblog site Weibo on Thursday, was directed at the official account of world-renowned British theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking.

Hawking replied, “We don’t or perhaps can’t.”

The question was discussed by influential ancient Chinese philosopher Zhuangzi, who was known for his philosophy of skepticism. It was Zhuangzi who had dreamed of being a butterfly, or perhaps it was the butterfly who dreamed he was Zhuangzi. Either way, it has been the starting point for discussions on reality, self, illusions and more for over 2,000 years.

In his fourth posting on the microblog, Hawking, who has 3.6 million followers on Weibo – more than the population of Wales – selected the question from comments left on his previous updates.

“Zhuangzi dreamed of being a butterfly – perhaps because he was a man who loved freedom,” he said.

Hawking said, in his case, he might dream of the universe and wonder if the universe dreamed of him, “but we humans just don’t and perhaps can’t know if we are living in our dreams or reality, at least not until we start to understand more about consciousness and the universe.”

The era in which Zhuangzi lived is considered by many Chinese thinkers to be a time “when a hundred schools of thought contended.”

Chinese philosophers argue that Dao (the Way), from which Daoism gets its name, is the most indefinable of them all.

The Way of the universe is change: Night into day, joy into sorrow, life into death. Nothing is fixed, nothing definable. Moreover, everything is connected. No one knows where the Way leads.

Over 40,000 web users had commented on or forwarded the post within 24 hours of it being published. One follower said Hawking’s answer was “a historic conversation.”

Since Hawking opened his Sina Weibo account on April 12, his four posts have been forwarded 572,000 times, received 620,000 comments and been liked by over two million users.

In a previous post, Hawking introduced his Chinese followers to his latest project – Alpha Centauri, an astonishing space mission to our nearest star system.

Hawking said that the project, a collaboration with Russian venture capitalist Yuri Milner and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, would revolutionize space travel as it would use tiny nano-spacecraft able to travel fast enough to relay information to humans within a life time. It means humans would learn more about the galaxy, and ultimately themselves.

Source: Hawking answers ancient Chinese philosophical question|Europe|

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