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Today, an asian photographer smiled her ass off at me.

(Various other shit happened, same shit-different day, I have let go of the negative.)

I choose to remember making a woman smile.

  • There is no other truth than this, all ‘things’ are inherently empty and totally without distinction.

I do not regret my son, I regret my choice of his mother. So many wonderful women could have bourne my son….

Lara van Outersterp.

For over 30 years, I have loved you. Every love I have compared to you and found wanting. I am not sure if I wished to have enough money for you to love me, or me to have enough strength not to love you despite being poor.

You have married many men for money, now you are a ‘plantagenet’, by marriage. When I was 21 I loved you, proposed to you and you left me for money…

What price is love?

You were a godess on legs to me…


I have never loved any other woman  than you…

In a thousand lifetimes on a million worlds, I will pursue you…

And you will realize that money cannot be loved.

How does a man say, I have never met or loved a woman like you.

You were Incredible.

Anti-muslim  or pro women!

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