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Last station from the planet with life. All the trees are gone. Zzbfhytergm. We can send some primordial life to the third planet.afhuy ivcfyvt gtiudx  fuj.we cannot save ourself. The fourth planet is dead. Is this our future.chghhgg. I am so sorry.


Oh, what have we done with our fathers and sons,

We sold them off, for oil and guns.

Oil and guns, murder and slaughter,

Can you ignore the wails of my daughter?

The crying of women, the rape of our wives.

The waste of our men, the waste of their lives..

Source: Paul Causton

‘Actions are things We choose to do!’,
these actions have consequences.
We can change the consequences we have to suffer,
by taking better actions?

The Beloved asks: Do you love yourself more than you love me?

And the loved replies : I have died to myself and live for thee. I have cast away my Self and my Attributes and exist, Only for You!

Welcome! to the Desert of Love…

love is not a verb,
love is a feeling word…
but you, don’t understand.
Love, like desire,
has it’s own fire…
Love Commands
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