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As I said to two women today. It is the truth that hurts.

If you act like a cunt, it is easy to be judged a cunt.

Intent is Slander.

For they are subtle and quick to anger.

Last week I met someone who repeated my baby-mothers claims of persecution and yet tried to tell me where she lived.

(I ended up with my fingers in my ears going ‘Lah,lah,lah, I don’t want to know.)

Today I saw a friend of hers and told her, (I don’t want to know!) What was in my mind. Anytime I turn up a Jack’s house, I only re-inforce the things Sarah has claimed about me. People can say what the want behind my back, as long as I do not behave in-appropriately, it is not true.

When I step away from someone, I take it seriously!

You don’t want me to see my son. I don’t have to put up with your behaviour!

Surely it makes more sense to feed the children @ 50 dollars a year, than some fat white man @ half a million pound for 6 months of cancer

Last station from the planet with life. All the trees are gone. Zzbfhytergm. We can send some primordial life to the third planet.afhuy ivcfyvt gtiudx  fuj.we cannot save ourself. The fourth planet is dead. Is this our future.chghhgg. I am so sorry.

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