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Self-confessed hippy Lee Harris, 79, joined the race for City Hall to campaign for the legalisation of the drug as party CISTA’s (Cannabis Is Safer Than Alcohol) candidate.

The grandfather-of-three, who is just three months shy of his 80th birthday, owns a “head shop” on Portobello Road called Alchemy, and attended the first rally to legalise cannabis in Hyde Park almost 50 years ago.

And ahead of next week’s mayoral election, Mr Harris told the Standard: “London would be a happier place if cannabis was legalised. If people smoke cannabis, they will drink less.

“Drinking is a terrible problem in this country and there is so much violence attached to it.

“We want to legalise, regulate and tax cannabis so that people don’t have to go to the black market. But like tobacco and alcohol, there should be an age limit.

Source: ‘London would be happier if cannabis was legal’, Mayoral hopeful says | Politics | News | London Evening Standard

Canada is likely to become one of the first Western countries to legalise cannabis after the government promised to introduce the necessary legislation next year.

The proposed law would allow the recreational use and sale of cannabis, raising fears that Canada could become a hub for drug tourism, attracting pot-seeking visitors from across the world.

Jane Philpott, the Canadian health minister, said the policy would keep cannabis “out of the hands of children – and profits out of the hands of criminals”.

She added: “We know it is impossible to arrest our way out of this problem. We will work with law enforcement partners to encourage appropriate and proportionate criminal justice measures.”

Justin Trudeau, the Canadian prime minister, won an election last year on a pledge to legalise and regulate the recreational use of cannabis. Mr Trudeau promised that his reforms would fix a “failed system” and help remove the “criminal element” linked to the drug.

Although the ban remains in place for now, illegal dispensaries for cannabis have already sprung up since Mr Trudeau’s Liberal government came to power.

Source: Canada to introduce laws to decriminalise cannabis by spring 2017

MEDICINAL cannabis has been made legal in Victoria and will be grown and supplied to patients in Victoria as early as 2017.

The historic Access to Medicinal Cannabis Bill 2015 passed the Victorian parliament just after 6pm.

Children suffering severe epilepsy will be among the first to be treated using a range of non-smokable marijuana products including oils, sprays and vaporisers.

Minister for Health Jill Hennessy welcomed the bill passing.

“Children with severe epilepsy will now be able to legally access this lifesaving treatment from as early as 2017.”

“It is absolutely heartbreaking to see families having to choose between breaking the law and watching their children suffer — and now, thanks to our groundbreaking legislation, they won’t have to.”

Minister for Agriculture Jaala Pulford revealed a small-scale, strictly controlled cannabis cultivation trial at a Victorian research facility was set to begin in April.

“We are on track to deliver on our promise to make medicinal cannabis available to Victorian patients in exceptional circumstances, with the first cultivation trial about to get underway,’’ she said.

Patients must suffer severe epileptic seizures, muscle spasms resulting from multiple sclerosis, severe pain and nausea arising from cancer or HIV/AIDS or chronic pain approved by two specialists.

Source: Medical cannabis legal in Victoria

LOLLYPOPS containing high-strength cannabis are being sold to British kids online for as little as £3 each.

The sweets, named THC suckers after the active ingredient in weed, are readily-available to British children and often go unnoticed by police.

The lollies look just like regular, innocent lollypops – but these drugged-up versions pack a serious cannabis kick.

Super-strength lolly-pots are being shipped from Amsterdam to the streets of Britain, where they are being sold to teens for as much as £10 a pop.

But if kids buy direct online then they can get their hands on the trippy treats for as little as £3 each.

And police have no idea users are getting stoned because the lollies look and smell just like normal sweets.

Source: Has your child been buying these easily-available super-strength cannabis lollypops?

Cannabis legalisation is favoured by 47% of people, according to a new opinion poll.

While 39% oppose legalising the sale of cannabis through licensed shops, 14% are “don’t knows” on the issue, according to the survey of 2,000 people by polling company ORB for The Independent.

The news comes after the Liberal Democrats‘ health spokesman Norman Lamb said he wants the drug to be legalised in order to stop money going into the pockets of criminals.

The latest poll found that men (53%) are more likely to back licensed sales of cannabis than women (41%), The Press Association reported.

According to the research, backing for the proposal is highest in Scotland (58%) and London (54%) and lowest in the North East (37%).

Danny Kushlick, head of external affairs at the Transform Drug Policy Foundation, told The Independent that “millions” wanted the Government to take control of the cannabis trade.

He said: “Yet neither Jeremy Corbyn nor David Cameron will genuinely discuss legal regulation.

“Unless and until they show leadership on the issue, the drugs trade will remain in the hands of organised criminals and unregulated dealers.”

Source: Legalising Cannabis For Sale In Shops Is Supported By Nearly Half Of People, Poll Finds

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