A mafia boss in southern Italy was arrested after police disguised themselves as pizza delivery men ordering to his door.

Roberto Manganiello, 35, a reported major player in Naples’ notorious Camorra mafia, had been on the run since 2013.

He was listed as “one of Italy’s 100 most dangerous criminals” for an alleged double murder in 2004, sparking gang war in Naples.

As he was watching a football match at his home on Saturday, police dressed as delivery men knocked on his door 10 miles north of the city.

A 30-year-old Neapolitan woman was arrested with him. Manganiello offered no resistance to the police, they said.

Interior Minister Angelino Alfano praised the arrest, describing it as a “success due to top-level investigative work.”

Source: Mafia boss raided by police dressed as pizza men – ITV News