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700 extra flights a day, you can fuck off!

As somoene who exists under the flightpath, you can really fuck off!

Fat M.PS get 10 % every year. When you are Ill who do you want better paid Jeremy Cunt or a doctor?

That’s the way the money goes. What price the homeless, the sick,the old and our children.

Paul Causton

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After more than 6 years since thames valley housing association capped my gas-supply because I had no money to pay for gas for their boiler inspection, they are still threatening me with court action for a gas-supply I do not have…

Fuck ‘Em!… TAKE ME TO COURT and explain how you have denied heating and hot-water to a man who suffers from Depression, high-spectrum functioning Autism and a little O.C.D.. (maybe there is the odd personality disorder in there) Oh! and Addiction…

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More than 7,500 local authority properties across the capital are lying empty as thousands of Londoners struggle to find a home, figures showed today.

The number of vacant buildings has increased in a third of London boroughs and now amounts to a  staggering £4 billion worth of empty council homes.

Ten town halls have overseen increases in homes lying idle — even though the overall proportion of empty homes has fallen by 20 per cent in the past decade.

The figures also show that almost 21,000 homes, including those privately owned, have sat empty for over six months. Critics claimed this was a “shocking waste”, as the new team at City Hall expressed concern.

Source: Scandal of 7,500 council homes lying empty in London | London | News | London Evening Standard

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