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For they are subtle and quick to anger.

Last week I met someone who repeated my baby-mothers claims of persecution and yet tried to tell me where she lived.

(I ended up with my fingers in my ears going ‘Lah,lah,lah, I don’t want to know.)

Today I saw a friend of hers and told her, (I don’t want to know!) What was in my mind. Anytime I turn up a Jack’s house, I only re-inforce the things Sarah has claimed about me. People can say what the want behind my back, as long as I do not behave in-appropriately, it is not true.

When I step away from someone, I take it seriously!

You don’t want me to see my son. I don’t have to put up with your behaviour!

Fat M.PS get 10 % every year. When you are Ill who do you want better paid Jeremy Cunt or a doctor?

An Afghan policeman searches a passenger in the city of Jalalabad, close to the border with Pakistan, on April 29, 2016, after reports that an aid worker from Perth has been kidnapped by armed men in Jalalabad. -AFP

SYDNEY: An Australian woman working for a charity in Afghanistan has been kidnapped, the country’s foreign minister said Friday.

Julie Bishop said Canberra was working to secure the release of Katherine Jane Wilson, but insisted Australia does not pay ransoms for hostages.

Wilson, who also uses the first name Kerry, was grabbed in the city of Jalalabad, close to the border with Pakistan, on Thursday, a government official in the area told AFP.

“She visited the city of Jalalabad for a women’s embroidery project,” said Ataullah Khogyani, a spokesman for the governor of Nangarhar province, of which Jalalabad is the capital.

“And unknown masked gunmen abducted her from Police District 2 of Jalalabad city.”

He added that the kidnappers, disguised as police, took her at 4am from a home in which she was staying.

Nangarhar police chief Zrawer Zahed confirmed the abduction by “unidentified gunmen” not long after she arrived on Wednesday evening.

Bishop said she had been in contact with Wilson’s family.

Source: Australian aid worker kidnapped in Afghanistan – World – DAWN.COM

Canada’s prime minister has condemned the “cold-blooded murder” of a Canadian – held hostage for months – by Islamist militants in the Philippines.

John Ridsdel, 68, was captured alongside Canadian Robert Hall, a Norwegian man and a Filipino woman last September.

At the time, Mr Ridsdel was taken Abu Sayyaf militants from a marina on southern Samal Island.

On Monday a severed head was found on a remote Philippine island.

The militants had threatened to kill one of the three male hostages if a large ransom was not paid by 3pm Monday local time (0800 GMT).

Canada’s premier Justin Trudeau confirmed the death and said both the Canadian and Philippines governments would pursue those responsible for the “heinous act”.

Philippine forces were moving to rescue the abductees as the Abu Sayyaf’s deadline for the ransom payment lapsed, the military said.

The militants reportedly demanded 300 million pesos (£4.5m) for each of the foreigners – a reduction from their earlier demands.

Source: Canadian hostage killed by militants in Philippines – ITV News

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