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Says Cuntservatives are good for the NHS.


Fat M.PS get 10 % every year. When you are Ill who do you want better paid Jeremy Cunt or a doctor?

That’s the way the money goes. What price the homeless, the sick,the old and our children.

“Clear warning signs” are being missed to prevent most suicides among young people, a charity has warned, as research shows more than half of under-20s who killed themselves in recent years had previously self-harmed.

The University of Manchester says more than 25% of the 130 young people in England who died by suicide between January 2014 and April 2015 had expressed suicidal ideas in the week before their death.

A major report by its academics suggests bereavement, bullying, school pressure and physical illness are among the most common factors which contribute to a suicide.

However, deaths are rarely down to a single cause – and many cases involve a “final straw” factor such as exam stress or a relationship breakdown.

The National Confidential Inquiry into Suicide and Homicide by People with Mental Illness (NCISH) found 70% of those who died were young men, with suicide rates rising sharply in older teenagers.

Of the 130 deaths examined for the report, 66 victims were aged between 10 and 17 – and five were younger than 14.

NCISH found instances where young people had suffered online bullying prior to taking their own life, while others had expressed suicidal thoughts on social media.

The inquiry’s head of suicide research, Professor Nav Kapur, said: “It is crucial that there is improved help for self-harm and access to mental care.

“However, with the variety of factors we found with this study, it is clear that schools, primary care, social services and youth justice all have a role to play.”

The Samaritans has expressed concern that there were clear indications in most suicide cases that a young person was struggling to cope.

But Rethink Mental Illness has described a “disastrous situation” where more than a quarter of young people who seek mental health services are turned away.

“We must redouble our efforts to support children and young people and ensure they are getting the help they need,” Brian Dow added.

NCISH’s report is the first stage in a UK-wide analysis of suicides in people aged under 25.

:: Anyone feeling emotionally distressed or suicidal can call Samaritans for help on 116 123 or email in the UK.

Source: ‘Clear Signs’ Missed Stopping Youth Suicide

An ex-soldier refused a place on the council’s housing register was shot to death whilst living in a tent..

Details of Phillip Fox’s tragic back story emerged as it was revealed the 60-year-old was killed by a shotgun blast.

Detectives launched a murder investigation after his decomposing body was found in woodland, having lain undiscovered for nine months.

A 26-year-old from Eltham, south east London, has been charged with his murder.

Mr Fox’s harrowing past can now be pieced together – culminating in his violent death behind a shop on the Riverside Retail Park in Wincheap.

Terry Gore, manager at the Catching Lives day centre for the homeless, said Mr Fox had occasionally turned to the charity in times of need.

Its records show Mr Fox had served with the Royal Scots regiment for six years – though it is not known when.

Mr Gore told the Gazette: “He was a pleasant, inoffensive guy. I got the impression he was something of a loner and didn’t really want to ask for help. We always find out if new clients have served in the Armed Forces.

“There’s help available – SSAFA, the British Legion. But he didn’t want to know. He said they wouldn’t be able to help him.”

Police initially treated the case as “non-suspicious” when Mr Fox’s body was found in a makeshift encampment, 50 yards behind B&M Bargains, on April 25.

Some heartless slag, Larissa Reed, assistant director of direct services, said: “He approached us for housing support after he voluntarily left accommodation in London.

“A housing officer interviewed him but because he had no local connection we could not accept him on to the housing register.

“He had never resided in the area and had no family living here.”

City council spokesman Rob Davies added that ex-servicemen could qualify for an exemption to the local connection rule. It is not known why Mr Fox did not pursue the matter further.

Mr Gore said: “People have this perception when they see a homeless person and they often make assumptions. We’re trying to educate people. Homelessness can happen to anybody.”

Source: Homelessness charity Catching Lives reveals rough sleeper Phillip Fox shot dead in his tent was ex-soldier

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