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How far can you Punt Hunt?

Source: Angry junior doctor? Kick Jeremy Hunt in this brilliant game – Punt Hunt | Metro News

Games London is a ground-breaking new project delivered by Ukie in partnership with Film London, funded by a £1.2m investment from the Mayor of London.

The three-year programme will promote the UK’s wider games sector and position London as a world-leading cluster for games and interactive entertainment.
The project will deliver:

  • A new annual London Games Festival to celebrate the industry’s huge cultural and economic contribution to London and the wider UK
  • A new international business-to-business networking event to attract top investment to the UK
  • Inbound and outbound trade missions to promote the tax relief and the sector overseas
  • A range of training and skills initiatives

An exciting new annual London Games Festival in April 2016 is at the heart of the initiative, with 15 official events across 10 venues in the capital between 1-10 April 2016. The festival will host new consumer, cultural and business events, highlights of which include:

  • Now Play This: a unique, exciting consumer-focused programme at Somerset House (1 April – 3 April) which will showcase a diverse range of games and interactive experiences
  • The brand-new Games Finance Market (5 April – 7 April), a first of its kind event that which will connect UK games businesses with international investors and attract top investment to the UK
  • A series of insightful ‘LGF @ BFI’ talks (4 April) programmed and presented by London Games Festival in partnership with BFI Southbank
  • The inclusion of already influential global events: British Academy Games Awards (7 April) and Gamer Network’s Rezzed (7 April – 9 April)
  • An inspiring cultural programme that helps change perceptions of games and champions the medium as a cutting-edge art form – plus a London Games Festival Fringe of alternative and exciting smaller events

Source: Introducing Games London and the London Games Festival | Ukie

Paul Causton:The only right-handed man to hold the title of Lord Sinister : head of Mafia Wars Division of Ye Guild of Assassins. Once offered Cohen the Barbarian a sweet.

Born in a Foundling Hospital – st Theresa’s the bloody minded- he is believed to be an O’Shaughnessy and descended from the kings of Connacht, adopted by a troll Gwyndolin and a dwarf Dave ‘the weasel’ Causton.

Educated in Grievus Bodley-Arm, he is a trained Thuggee (wielder of the butter-knife) and current holder of ‘la bell sans mercier’ a small steel bell on a silver chain, which must be worn over the clothes in order to make murder harder..

Renowned for his adoption of the phrase ‘I hate people, they hate me’….He doesn’t care….

Ye Guild of Assassins Mafia Wars Div. was formed in 2004, however during a scuffle about ethics, the entire High-council were Inhumed and every assassin expelled.

Mafia Wars

Is highly addictive.
More Bluster and wind from the Bully…18.00 Yesterday.
 Harranguing one of my neighbours boys about what he was going to do with me.And there I was. .Poor Sod.
By the time the old bill came D*****  was so pissed and literally frothing he was taken to Hospital.
In the a.m he was complaining, when I saw them in the park, that "Everywhere I go I see him."
But that is inevitable if you try to intimidate someone on their Home Ground.Two thirds of my life have been spent in this Borough.I get around.
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