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Fat M.PS get 10 % every year. When you are Ill who do you want better paid Jeremy Cunt or a doctor?

Some GP surgeries are refusing to register asylum seekers and refugees – even though they are eligible for treatment under NHS guidelines, according to a charity.

Two-fifths of patients that Doctors of the World attempted to register were refused at GP surgeries in England.

The vast majority of asylum seekers and refugees were rejected because they did not have ID or a proof of address, but these documents are not legally required to sign up for primary healthcare.

Meanwhile, 13% were turned away specifically because of their immigration status.

Source: Health Fears As GP Surgeries Refuse Refugees

Although these fighters have loyally fought for the British all over the world, many do not receive an equal pension to British troops.

Campaigner for Gurkha rights, Gyanraji Rai, is willing to put his life on the line for a 14-day hunger strike in July for the cause.

He said: “If it kills me, I do not mind, I have had enough. They have used us and abused us and thrown us in the bin.”

The campaigner also did a 14-day hunger strike in 2013.

Mr Rai served 20 years fighting for the British in Hong Kong, Canada and Brunei and when he was made redundant in 1995, his pension was shockingly a fraction of his British equivalent.

I want to save the lives of many Gurkha veterans, they can not afford to go back to Nepal

Gyanraji Rai

He received a lump sum amount of £5,000 and a pension of £37 a month. Whereas his British equivalent received more than £800 a month and a lump sum of £71,000.

The bus driver who lives in Reading said: “I do not have the words to explain, we cannot educate our children as we do not have the money so our children have to do very dangerous jobs, for example in Saudi Arabia.

“I want to save the lives of many Gurkha veterans, they can not afford to go back to Nepal.”

Around 250 Gurkhas were protesting about their situation in Whitehall recently.

Source: Gurkha heroes who receive less than 5% of normal Army pension go on hunger strike | World | News | Daily Express

More on the French outsourcing Giant Atos and it’s crude and inaccurate health assessments (lmfao) that have left many of the most vulnerable people in society without the benefit payments they need (Eyes Passim).

Those with mental health problems have faced particular problems with Atos’s univeral tick-box system, which does not take proper account of the views of medical experts.

The worst case to have reached  the EYE so far is that of Alice Traynor (not her real name), 29, who suffers from bi-polar disorder and bordeerline personality disorders. During periods of crisis she has attempted suicide and self-harmed and required periods in a psychiatric hospitals.

Earlier this month she was told she was losing her Disability Living Allowance (DLA) and needed to undergo an Atos medical review over her Employment Support Allowance (ESA). The news coincided with a crisis and later that day she took a knife, started slashing her throat and was admitted to hospital.

Alice’s community psychiatric nurse and psychologist contacted Atos and it agreed not to contact Ms Traynor again because of the fragility of her mental state. Benefit regulations state that those who suffer from heightened anxiety, fear or depression should not be approached or informed of Benefits being stopped or reduced if this might cause or exacerbate their psychiatric condition.

Four days later Alice was released from hospital. The following morning she received another letter from Atos and began slashing her throat again. She was taken straight back to hospital….

(Ms Traynor’s case was taken up by BUFFERZONE)


A high-profile campaign for the UK to accept 3,000 child refugees stranded in Europe has failed after the government narrowly won a vote in the House of Commons rejecting the plan.

MPs voted against the proposals by 294 to 276 on Monday after the Home Office persuaded most potential Tory rebels that it was doing enough to help child refugees in Syria and neighbouring countries.

The amendment to the immigration bill would have forced the government to accept 3,000 unaccompanied refugee minors, mostly from Syria, who have made their way to mainland Europe.

It originated in the House of Lords after being introduced by Alf Dubs, a Labour peer who was a beneficiary of the Kindertransport, the government-backed programme that took child refugees from Germany in the run-up to the second world war.

Following the vote, Labour vowed to continue its efforts to make the government change its mind, tabling a new amendment in the House of Lords asking it to accept a specified number of child refugees from Europe after consultation with local councils.

The Home Office successfully saw off the Dubs amendment in the Commons after arguing it would act as an incentive for refugees to make the dangerous Mediterranean crossing to Europe.

James Brokenshire, a Home Office minister, said the government could not support a policy that would “inadvertently create a situation in which families see an advantage in sending children alone ahead and in the hands of traffickers, putting their lives at risk by attempting treacherous sea crossings to Europe which would be the worst of all outcomes”.

The amendment was backed by Labour, the SNP and Liberal Democrats.

Source: Tories vote against accepting 3,000 child refugees | World news | The Guardian

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