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Videos and pictures of the gang rape of a teenager, published to Twitter, have led to a police hunt for more than 30 men suspected of participating in it.

The attackers posted graphic pictures and videos of the assault on the unconscious 16-year-old girl on Twitter.

Police told The Associated Press that armed men assaulted the girl on Saturday 21 May in Jacarepaguá, on the west side of Rio de Janeiro, she was visiting to see her boyfriend.

According to her witness statement that was leaked to the media, she arrived at her boyfriend’s home at around 1am on Saturday and was alone with him. The next thing she remembered was waking up naked on Sunday morning in another house with the group of armed men.

 “When I woke up there were 33 guys on top of me. I just want to go home,” she told Brazil’s O Globo newspaper.

It was days before she realised her attackers had published footage and pictures.

The video of the rape was first seen in Brazilian social media on Tuesday, AP reported.

In the 40-second clip, three male voices can be heard mocking the woman, who is naked, visibly wounded and unconscious, Folha de S. Paulo reports.

The girl’s grandmother told the same paper she watched the video, saying: “I regretted watching it. When we heard the story we didn’t believe what was happening. It’s a great affliction. It’s a depressing situation. She is not well. She is very confused. This was very serious.”

One man tweeted an image of her with the words: “Pounded the girl – get it? Hahaha”.

Before the account of the person who posted the video was suspended, people responded with smiley emojis and thumbs up and the video received 550 likes.

Arrest warrants have been issued for the girl’s 19-year-old boyfriend, a 41-year-old man for rape while two other men are wanted for posting the images to social media, The Globe & Mail reported.

The incident sparked outrage on Twitter under the hashtag #EstuproNuncaMais, “Rape never again”.

The rape has sent shock-waves across the country, highlighting what some see as its poor attitude towards rape.

Just before news of the gang rape broke, Brazil’s Education Minister met with actor Alexandre Frota to discuss comments he had made that he would have sex with a woman who had not consented.

Think Olga, a Sao Paulo based-feminist group, issued a statement after the attack saying:  “Women worldwide take their own lives when they find themselves in such circumstances, because they fear the same impunity that allows their perpetrators to defame them on social media.

“This absurd violation of their privacy is comparable in severity to the crime itself, because it multiplies thousands of times with every view, every click.”

Source: Brazil Gang Rape Images Posted To Twitter, Prompting Police Hunt For More Than 30 Men

A homeless woman was thrown from a ledge and repeatedly raped for days at the spot where she landed beneath the Cimarron Street bridge – unable to escape because her legs were paralyzed, Colorado Springs police say.

The torture ended when a passerby found her May 2 lying beneath the bridge south of America the Beautiful Park, court documents unsealed this week show.

The assault comes at a time when homeless people are left with little choice but to risk their safety and live outside, because too few shelter beds exist in El Paso County, homeless advocates say.

That reality has exposed one of the region’s most vulnerable populations to theft and violence, especially women.

“It’s the worst part of not having enough shelter space,” said Shawna Kemppainen, executive director of the Urban Peak youth shelter, which is often at or near capacity.

For the woman found beneath Cimarron Street, living on the streets nearly turned deadly.

Isaiah Jarvis Perrin. 

In mid-April, she met a man – later identified by police as Isaiah Jarvis Perrin, 21 – and stayed with him in a loft composed of wooden boards wedged between two girders beneath the Cimarron Street bridge, court documents show. The loft could be reached by walking up a steep cement embankment to the bridge’s underbelly.

She told detectives she occasionally stayed there with him. But around dusk on April 30, she said she arrived to find him smoking some kind of drug, possibly heroin.

When she tried gathering her clothes, Perrin retaliated – first threatening to toss her from the loft, court documents show. Only when he appeared to relent – and she loosened her grip on the wood beams – did he throw her off.

She slammed against the concrete, instantly paralyzed.

The man immediately climbed down and beat her, an affidavit said. Then she endured days of repeated rapes.

At least once, the man moved her head and forced her to perform oral sex, she told detectives.

A passerby found her May 2 and called police. Her spine fractured and her spinal cord injured, she was taken to a Colorado Springs hospital for surgery, according to court records.

Officers arrested Perrin later that morning near the bridge and booked him into the El Paso County jail, where he remains in lieu of $25,000 bond on charges of attempted murder and sexual assault.

Perrin first told investigators the woman fell off the bridge – something he laughed at, his arrest affidavit said.

Perrin also claimed multiple men raped her, but he denied involvement, according to the affidavit. Then he changed course – telling detectives she gave him a “blow job,” the affidavit said.

Throughout the police interview, he maintained that she lay on the ground for three days until someone stopped and gave her water, the affidavit said.

Perrin also was homeless, having recently arrived here from Philadelphia, police said.

The circumstances surrounding the woman’s homelessness, however, were not detailed in the affidavit. The Gazette does not typically print the names of sexual assault victims.

The case is emblematic of the dangers people face while living on Colorado Springs streets, homeless advocates say. And with shelter beds normally full, that threat is often unavoidable.

Two seasonal shelters closed in mid-April, eliminating about 230 beds. Even with the vast majority of those beds full, a one-night survey in January found more than 300 additional people sleeping outside.

All that remains are a few small programs and the Salvation Army’s 200-bed R.J. Montgomery Center, which is geared more toward families and requires clients be sober. Normally, it’s at or near capacity.

The dangers homeless people face are difficult to quantify, and Colorado Springs police did not have statistics Friday on the crimes affecting homeless people.

Still, homeless people interviewed by The Gazette say they live in constant fear of being assaulted in camps tucked away in bushes dotting vacant plots of land across Colorado Springs.

Further, belongings left unattended are routinely at risk of being stolen. Any trip away from camp – be it to get food at a soup kitchen or to apply for jobs – leaves a homeless person’s belongings open to theft.

Kemppainen said her outreach workers have encountered people who have gone home with men seeking sex – regardless of the safety risks – as a means to sleep inside.

“It’s not uncommon,” she said.

Kemppainen also said she tells her clients to find businesses open 24 hours as a way to increase the hours they spend indoors.

Finding a place to sleep in Colorado Springs involves calculated risk, said Michelle, 23, who declined to give her last name. She has misgivings about the safety of shelters, and lives under several tarps and blankets held up by shopping carts under the Nevada Avenue bridge along Fountain Creek.

Camping under the bridge offers relative safety, she said, because the area is well-traveled. She also could quickly climb the embankment and flag down help from passing motorists if needed.

The same can’t be said of camping elsewhere, such as on U.S. Forest Service land, she said.

“You’re further away from civilization, so people know they can harass you and you’re not going to be able to get very far,” she said.

Other homeless people described camping in small groups for safety in numbers.

On Friday, three tents were across Fountain Creek under the same bridge – a quarter of the amount that were there just a few days ago. The decline came amid fears that police were planning to visit and ticket people for camping.

Poking her head out of her tent across Fountain Creek, Lisa Watkins, 49, said she would never camp alone.

“I wouldn’t feel safe being by myself,” Watkins said.

Source: Homeless woman thrown from bridge, raped for 3 days, say Colorado Springs police | Colorado Springs Gazette, News

Communist rebel leaders have welcome a possible offer from the Philippines’ presumptive president-elect of four cabinet posts.

The party said on Wednesday that an alliance would need to be based on principles such as social justice and national sovereignty, including an end to the presence of US troops.

Rodrigo Duterte, who won the May 9 presidential election by a landslide according to an unofficial count, has said he will probably offer the Communist Party of the Philippines cabinet positions in agrarian reform, environment, social welfare and labour.

Source: Philippine Communists welcome unofficial cabinet offer – AJE News

A GUN-OBSESSED British paedophile who tortured kids he kept prisoner bankrolled his sick lifestyle in Crete through benefits paid for by taxpayers.

Douglas Barr was jailed for nearly 20 years after a high-profile trial in the idyllic Greek island uncovered his horrific crimes.

While living a life of luxury since moving to resort Tavronitis in 2007, the 56-year-old abused local children, tortured them and kept them locked in his dingy basement.

The court heard how married Barr would shave his victims hair and eyebrows off in a catalogue of abuse, which stretched back a number of years.

Details of specific sexual abuse was made concerning two girls, who told the trial how Barr had raped them.

The sickening truth only came to light last year, after Barr was arrested following a disputed car crash with a neighbour.

Florist Danai Dagunakis, 28, was confronted by a drunk Barr after he drove into her parked car while under the influence.

When she challenged him, he returned brandishing a gun threatening Danai.

She phoned the police over the crash, who arrested Barr.

But one his victims witnessed Danai standing up to him, and she later approached the florist in the shop she ran and recounted the horrific sexual abuse she had suffered.

Danai’s uncle, Vasilis, said: “It was all very nasty stuff.”

Her husband, who did not wish to be named, added: “When we first met Barr we thought he was a real gentleman but he slowly changed into a monster.”

Another victim separately approached another neighbour, and both residents gave evidence in Barr’s trial.

They informed both the Greek and British authorities, who launched a massive international investigation.

Leeds City Council, where the Barrs’ previously lived, were contacted but confirmed they had no concerns about Barr before he left.

A spokesman said they were leasing closely with the Greek authorities “over these very serious crimes”.

But they revealed they were tipped off about the heinous crimes in 2014 after they received an anonymous letter.

They added: “This was passed on to the Greek authorities with a request to investigate the concerns raised.”

Dundee-born Barr spun a web of lies to the tight-knit expat community, who did not realise his true nature until the court case.

Source: Brit Douglas Barr tortured kids in Crete while living off UK benefits | UK | News | Daily Express

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