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A GUN-OBSESSED British paedophile who tortured kids he kept prisoner bankrolled his sick lifestyle in Crete through benefits paid for by taxpayers.

Douglas Barr was jailed for nearly 20 years after a high-profile trial in the idyllic Greek island uncovered his horrific crimes.

While living a life of luxury since moving to resort Tavronitis in 2007, the 56-year-old abused local children, tortured them and kept them locked in his dingy basement.

The court heard how married Barr would shave his victims hair and eyebrows off in a catalogue of abuse, which stretched back a number of years.

Details of specific sexual abuse was made concerning two girls, who told the trial how Barr had raped them.

The sickening truth only came to light last year, after Barr was arrested following a disputed car crash with a neighbour.

Florist Danai Dagunakis, 28, was confronted by a drunk Barr after he drove into her parked car while under the influence.

When she challenged him, he returned brandishing a gun threatening Danai.

She phoned the police over the crash, who arrested Barr.

But one his victims witnessed Danai standing up to him, and she later approached the florist in the shop she ran and recounted the horrific sexual abuse she had suffered.

Danai’s uncle, Vasilis, said: “It was all very nasty stuff.”

Her husband, who did not wish to be named, added: “When we first met Barr we thought he was a real gentleman but he slowly changed into a monster.”

Another victim separately approached another neighbour, and both residents gave evidence in Barr’s trial.

They informed both the Greek and British authorities, who launched a massive international investigation.

Leeds City Council, where the Barrs’ previously lived, were contacted but confirmed they had no concerns about Barr before he left.

A spokesman said they were leasing closely with the Greek authorities “over these very serious crimes”.

But they revealed they were tipped off about the heinous crimes in 2014 after they received an anonymous letter.

They added: “This was passed on to the Greek authorities with a request to investigate the concerns raised.”

Dundee-born Barr spun a web of lies to the tight-knit expat community, who did not realise his true nature until the court case.

Source: Brit Douglas Barr tortured kids in Crete while living off UK benefits | UK | News | Daily Express

Spain’s Ferrovial said it won’t offer in future the service of running Australia’s controversial offshore detention centers for refugees and asylum seekers, after buying a controlling stake in the Australian firm that operates the centers.

Australia’s detention of refugees and asylum seekers in offshore detention centers in Papua New Guinea and Nauru has previously drawn criticism from the United Nations. In a statement on Friday, Ferrovial said the company had completed a buyout of 59 percent of shares in Australia-listed Broadspectrum.

On Wednesday, Papua New Guinea’s Supreme Court ruled that a detention center in Manus Island housing more than 800 Australia-bound refugees was unlawful and the country’s government said it would shut the camp. Broadspectrum runs the facility.

“In relation to the provision of services at the regional processing centers in Nauru and Manus province, these services were not a core part of the valuation and the acquisition rationale of the offer, and it is not a strategic activity in Ferrovial’s portfolio,” the company said in a statement. “Ferrovial’s view is that this activity will not form part of its services offering in the future”.

Source: Ferrovial says won’t run Australia offshore detention centers in future | Reuters

A 25-year-old man has been murdered at Coldingley prison near Woking, Surrey.

The Prison Service named him as Madala Washington.

“As with all deaths in custody there will be an investigation by the independent Prisons and Probation Ombudsman,” said a spokesman.

The category C training prison holds 500 inmates, who cannot be trusted in open conditions but are considered unlikely to make a determined escape.

Steven Gillian, general secretary of the Prison Officers Association, said: “We do not comment on ongoing police investigation, but generally there has been an increase in violence, and indeed homicides, in our prisons.

“It is tragic that someone has lost their life.”

The Ministry of Justice says Coldingley, based in the village of Bisley, “is focused on the resettlement of prisoners … offering opportunities to prisoners willing to work hard and accept responsibility for achieving those goals.”

those goals.”

Source: Inmate Murdered At Coldingley Prison In Surrey

  • People ranging in age from 10 to 50 are shackled to the floor in Sidoharjo, Karangpatihan and Krebet in Indonesia
  • They suffer from severe physical retardation, also known as ‘Kampung Idiot’, which is akin to Down Syndrome
  • Over 400 people suffer from psychosocial disabilities in Ponorogo, East Java – and many live below the poverty line
  • Government officials and villagers blame incest, malnutrition and iodine deficiency as the cause for the illness

This is the harrowing Indonesian village where people with mental illnesses are shackled to the floor and locked up in dark, cell-like rooms.

In Sidoharjo, Karangpatihan and Krebet, both adolescents and adults suffer from severe physical retardation, also known as ‘Kampung Idiot’, which is comparable to Down’s Syndrome.

The horrifying images show a 40-year-old woman called Sijum with Down’s Syndrome lying immobile on her back as her mother spoon-feeds her, while Saimun, 45, sits on the ground in his house, where his legs have been chained for 20 years by his parents because he suffers from mental illness.

‘Nobody should have to be shackled in Indonesia in 2016 – people told us again and again that it’s like living in hell,’ Kriti Sharma, disability rights researcher at the group and author of the report, told AFP.

As well as shackling, the report listed a litany of other abuses the mentally ill face in Indonesia – sexual violence, electroshock therapy, and restraint and seclusion in often overcrowded, unsanitary institutions.

There are just 48 mental hospitals in Indonesia, a country of 250 million, most of them in urban areas.

Treatment options are scarce for the millions living in remote regions, leaving desperate families to turn to faith healers in the Muslim-majority nation, some of whom chain up patients.

Source: Indonesian village’s mentally ill patients are pictured shackled or locked away | Daily Mail Online

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