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Shelter? Can fuck off!

When I was homeless at 17, Richmond council and Shelter said ‘we do not house, single white men under 35’…. Paying money to shelter, is like pissing in the wind, or adopting a polar bear with WWF… how is you adopting a cudly toy going to stop the poles from melting?

Feel better now, you fucking mug?

You cannot trust a Jew, a Jew is solely focused on the denial of Palestine and the containment of their wealth!

I don’t hate Jews, but I know I have never been invited to eat with Jews. Muslims, Sikhs and Buddhists have welcomed me to their hearth and their hearts…

In over 35 years of Buddhist practice, every philosophy has shared their precepts with me and their wisdom.

But not the jews!

I do not find Jews to be responsible or forward thinking.

No wonder god cursed them!

What happens if you are tested, found clear and pick it up 10 minutes later?

And when the tiny jobsworth Asian guarding the door, addressed the woman in front of me as ‘love’, I asked if he thought that was an appropriate address for a customer, he said ‘ she didn’t complain, why should you? And refused to let me in…

When I returned later, to discuss it amicably, he phoned a friend and hid in the shop…

Unfortunately for him, I live in Kew…

And when this crisis is over, he is going to have to go to work and deal with me.

Stupid little fucker!

People wouldn’t make mirrors.

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