In 54 years, I have met and eaten/drank with English,Irish, French,German, polish, Macedonians,Greeks, Turks, Gambians,Somalians, Senegalese,Chinese,japapanese, Malays, Indonesians, Aussies, south Africans, kiwis, pygmies, Muslims, Christians and heathens. I can greet people or play chess in more than 13 languages.
But i have never been invited in by a jew.
I have never thought of it before, i have had muslims force feed me champagne, even though they dont drink.
I have never had so much as a cup of tea, from a jewish family.
Because i like to cook, i love to eat. I have eaten colcannon, egyptian phoul, shik-shouka, curry-goat, real sushi, mushu pork…borscht and vodka, falafel,but in 54 years no Jew has ever invited me inside their house or fed me.