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Ha ha ha.

Come, send Chump

Ye Guild of Assassins is pre-paid to kill President Chump.

Cheap at twice the price, if you come here, I will try to kill you… You are a pig.

When I started to tell people to keep their kids out of the road…. My adopted sister said ‘Fuck the kids’ look after yourself. I have never spoken to her since. For 15 years, no child has been hit by a car where I live.

People began to abuse me for keeping the kids from playing in the road.

Do not allow your children to play in the road..

The rich will run them down.

I am the head of ye guild of assassins…

Chump sandwich…

Less plastic in my fish.. (Ironic diacritical mark.

As I said to two women today. It is the truth that hurts.

If you act like a cunt, it is easy to be judged a cunt.

Intent is Slander.

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