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Could BBC radio 4 extra.

Look up the meaning of comedy in a dictionary.
Emerald green is funny, hahaha.
Buy a fucking joke you sad cunts.

How quaint.

The mother of my child is Jewish but free Palestine.
The state of Israel, supported by the west, especially america continues to steal land and rights from the people of Palestine.
Even Jews have organizations against Zionism.

How good to see Facebook held up to scrutiny, they allow racist, homophobic and misogynistic pages to be published. The fail to see the irony of my own jokes about YUKOS being shut down because a gay man, employed people,progressed industry and made money, before Putin stole the gas company and gave it to his mafia mates. Facebook blocked me for commenting on this.

Which of the Greek gods were black? Cultural unease?
Could the BBC stop the
culture of trying to sneak in a black Guinever an Achilles, stop trying to sneak a culturally and historically black person into history. Would we have an Asian queen Victoria or a chinese hitler.

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