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30 years of love.

When I was a young man,I loved a girl, 30 years ago… Every woman has been compared to her and found wanting.
I have moved on though, the love of my son has saved me from reliance on some vagina.

I have been celibate since my son was born, not for his sake or for mine, but in acceptance of how hard life can be…
The thing I meant the most, I told Jack, was, You do not have to put up with being bullied. Walk away,you will always have a home with me…

How long before everyone carries the cancer gene because fat white people insist carrying cancer means you should have kids.
How many mothers want to doom their children and their childrens children with cancer?
How many healthy children die every day through lack of food and water, whilst white people want gender-reassignment or a slimmer ass, straighter nose?

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