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Source: Paul Causton

‘Actions are things We choose to do!’,
these actions have consequences.
We can change the consequences we have to suffer,
by taking better actions?

Source: Paul Causton

After more than 6 years since thames valley housing association capped my gas-supply because I had no money to pay for gas for their boiler inspection, they are still threatening me with court action for a gas-supply I do not have…

Fuck ‘Em!… TAKE ME TO COURT and explain how you have denied heating and hot-water to a man who suffers from Depression, high-spectrum functioning Autism and a little O.C.D.. (maybe there is the odd personality disorder in there) Oh! and Addiction…

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She must be a stupid old slag said lots of men. who failed to bed her or beat her in an election..Revelations about Rachida Dati’s busy love life have emerged in a row about the paternity of the 47-year-old’s daughter. Multi-millionaire businessman Dominique Desseigne is refusing to take a DNA test.

Source: French female justice minister Rachida Dati ‘had eight boyfriends when she fell pregnant with love child’ | Daily Mail Online

Born to North African parents, Rachida Dati has risen to become one of the most high profile, yet controversial, female politicians in France.

Source: 100 Women 2016: Rachida Dati on why powerful women have betrayed the poor – BBC News

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