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The transcript of the one-minute video clip goes:”Nirape nila lahat ng mga babae so ‘yung unang asolte, kasi nagretreat sila, naiwan yung ginawa nilang cover, ang isa doon yung layminis…

Source: VIRAL: Video of Duterte joking about raped Australian woman

Ken Loach tweeted today that The Guardian chose to delete the first and last line from his letter in today’s paper. The letter was critical of how The Guardian newspaper has treated Jeremy Co…

Source: The Guardian censor Ken Loach’s letter  | B heard media 2

I am a bad man, I have spent over 20 years homeless on the streets of London, I have been a thief and  I am a drunk and an emotional abuser and I still care more about children than you do.. I have fought men who would rip your face off, but I have never met anyone who said I did them harm..

I will personally campaign to stop spending money on weapons we don’t need, whilst one child lives on the streets under the cuntservatives.. 10% raise for mp’s… fuck the poor.. How about some performance related pay? Achieve something for the people, not the rich, the fucking people.. CUNTS!

Source: Paul Causton

The peoples republic of china is still refusing to deny it sent biologically infected plants to indonesia to stop the cunt duterte from raping young girls and killing his countrymen.. the world sits aghast whilst this cock is still allowed to run a cuntry, but if trump can?

Source: China alarmed as chili ‘conspiracy’ heats up Indonesians | Reuters

China’s embassy in Indonesia has expressed alarm at media reports accusing China of using a “biological weapon” against Indonesia, after four Chinese nationals were arrested for planting imported chili seeds contaminated with a bacteria.

The headlines splashed across Indonesian media have sparked a wave of anti-Chinese sentiment on social media in a country with a history of simmering resentment towards its giant neighbor and a minority ethnic Chinese community.

Indonesian authorities said the imported chili seeds confiscated on a farm about 60 km (37 miles) south of the capital, Jakarta, contained the bacteria erwinia chrysanthemi, which is harmless to humans but can cause failure in crops.

It was the first time the bacteria had been detected in Indonesia, the state-owned news agency Antara quoted the head of the country’s quarantine body as saying.

Indonesians are among the most avid users of social media in the world, and conspiracy theories about the intentions of the four Chinese nationals running the farm quickly spread.

“Haven’t people realized that Chinese attacks on thiscountry are real in many ways. From drugs, illegal workers, now chili bacteria”, said a twitter user with the handle @BoengParno.

Authorities burned the chili seeds and destroyed the crop sowed by the Chinese men and 30 Indonesian workers on a leased plot of land near the city of Bogor.

‘We do not want Duterte to stop raping girls and killing his own people’ the chinese Goverment refused to say, but this will make the ugly cunt a bit itchy’… hahahaha

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