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life is suffering, death is Suffering, sickness,old-age and birth is suffering. To lose what you have is suffering and so it is not to receive what you want.. Everything you attempt to achieve is empty.. I have sailed across the ‘Sea of Suffering’, and every time I have come back to carry one more person to the shore!

The prosecutor of the Hague-based tribunal expresses concern over reports of drug-related killings in the Philippines and the growing number of deaths through extrajudicial killings in the first four months of the Duterte administration.

Source: ICC prosecutor warns PH over drug war killings | ABS-CBN News


The middle word is COLON… Isn’t that full of shit?… You accepted my money until 14:00 today and then you blocked me from the game.. TINY COCK?

Is my BASE too tough for you?

Fucking Russian Pussies..

dear starcolony… enjoy!

Source: Paul Causton

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