A woman forced a toddler to wear an electric dog training collar that she repeatedly used to inflict shocks on him, a court heard.

Former soldier, Lanna Monaghan, admitted five charges of assaulting the boy, who does not live with her, including repeatedly fixing a dog collar with an electric shock device attached around the boy’s neck and inflicting shocks on him.

She also admitted hitting the boy so hard with a wooden spoon that it broke and routinely forcing the three-year-old to have cold showers and kicking him.

The 34-year-old was remanded in custody at the High Court in Edinburgh.

Judge Lady Rae rejected a defence plea to allow Monaghan to remain on bail ahead of sentencing because she is pregnant.

Lady Rae told a crying Monaghan: “This is an appalling catalogue of charges of physical cruelty – I think that is the only way to describe it – to a toddler over 15 months.”

The abuse ended when the boy was aged three after a concerned woman contacted the authorities.

Monaghan later told a psychiatric nurse that she got “fired up” and described having continuing “anger issues”.

Monaghan told police: “I am truly sorry for what happened, I can’t believe it happened.”

Judge Lady Rae told Monaghan that she had to call for a background report because she had never served a prison sentence before, but added: “Realistically it would be very difficult to avoid custody in a case such as this. This was a toddler, a defenceless child.”

Monaghan will be sentenced at a hearing at the High Court in Glasgow in July.

Source: Woman forced toddler to wear electric shock dog collar – ITV News