• Two white lions were discovered having been killed at a farm in Limpopo 
  • The big cats also had their heads and their paws missing from their bodies 
  • It is believed the lions were targeted to use body parts for black magic 
  • Police have started an investigation and are already probing suspects 


A pair of majestic white lions have been poisoned by poachers in South Africa who then beheaded them and chopped off their paws.

The big cats, who were kept in captivity at a farm in Limpopo, were found dead on Friday.

It is believed the lions were targeted by poachers as part of a muti-killing, where animal body parts are used for healing in black magic rituals.

Before they were killed, it is believed the lions were fed a pesticide called Temik, which is used to get rid of spider mites and other pests.

Local police said they had picked up a number of suspects relating to the killing near the Stockpoort border crossing with Botswana.

A police spokesman said that an investigation was under way.

It has been estimated that 8,000 lions are bred in captivity in South Africa.

A source told the Daily Express: ‘The lions are often sold to facilities which offer walking experiences with lions.

‘The final journey for most of these hand-reared lions is as a trophy to be mounted on a hunter’s wall.’

Animal rights activists say canned – or ‘captive’ – hunting in South Africa, where lions have been reduced to little more than ‘farmyard chickens’, is popular to meet the market of high-paying tourists who hunt them down using guns or bows for the ultimate ‘trophy’ kill.

Source: Poachers poison white lions and then decapitate them for black magic rituals | Daily Mail Online