Five G4S Lincolnshire police control room staff have been suspended after allegations that they were making hundreds of 999 calls at quiet times to improve their perceived performance.

The five call handling staff, who are believed to include the Lincolnshire force control room manager, are understood to have made more than 600 bogus “test calls” in order to meet their target of answering 92% of calls within 10 seconds or less.

The suspended officers were all former Lincolnshire police employees who transferred to G4S four years ago when the private security company took over a £200m contract – the largest ever – to run the force’s back-office services. G4S has claimed the contract saves the force £6m a year and hailed it as a potential model for the rest of British policing.

Source: G4S police control room staff suspended over claims of bogus 999 calls | UK news | The Guardian