Recent commercial satellite imagery from May 8 of the Sinpo South Shipyard supports previous reports that North Korea is continuing to actively pursue development of both a ballistic missile submarine and submarine-launched ballistic missiles (SLBM). Camouflage netting, intended to conceal ongoing activity and first seen in January 2016, is again present on the deck of the submarine. The submersible test stand barge has been moved from its position along the northern secondary dock back to the main dock and a support vessel is now tied up alongside. A large shipping container is positioned dockside. Whether this was a shipping container for the Bukkeukseong-1 SLBM is unclear.

Camouflage Netting on GORAE-Class Submarine

Commercial satellite imagery from May 8, 2016, shows netting has once again been suspended over the deck of the submarine. This netting was first seen in imagery of December 26, 2015 and on several occasions since. The purpose of this netting is to conceal ongoing activity. Netting for concealment purposes has also been observed at other submarine bases during the past five years.

A shipping container observed dockside of the submarine in an image from April 28 is no longer present. Whether this container was for the Bukkeukseong-1 SLBM is unclear.

Source: Camouflage Netting Spotted on North Korea’s Ballistic Missile Submarine | 38 North: Informed Analysis of North Korea