Police are probing claims that members of a rock band bludgeoned a baby seal to death then threw it around as they waited to take the stage at a music festival in one of Scotland’s most picturesque locations.

The gruesome scenario is alleged to have happened at the Deoch an Dorus Festival on the Isle of Arran at the weekend.

Revellers say the battered body of the young animal was ‘swung around with blood spraying out of it’ by members of the group Azure Halo.

Other music fans revealed they left the seaside concert site, near the village of Sannox, in disgust.

Police were alerted after a crowd member calling himself John Louis wrote on Facebook: ‘On Saturday in Arran I witnessed the most disgusting act I’ve ever saw at a music festival.

‘I wasn’t going to post anything online as I was led to believe the perpetrators were kicked off site -but it appears they were allowed to play their set after all.

‘Someone from the band Azure Halo killed a baby seal with a brick and proceeded to toss it around in the artists backstage area.

‘They had put the poor thing…which was squirting blood everywhere, into a white canvas marquee tent.

‘It is one of the worst smells I have ever experienced. The thick crimson blood was spraying everywhere and the front man in the band was covered in it, and he was absolutely reeking of fish.

‘I confronted him to and he said it was only a joke. The rest of his band found the whole situation funny.’

Stage manager David ‘Stumpy’ Hanvey said he witnessed the alleged horror show.

He explained: ‘It happened on the stage I was managing. I was keeping bands and their equipment in a white gazebo.

‘I had just put Azure Halo in that gazebo with their stuff as they were next up. I then left the area to chase up another band and go over set times set up etc.

‘I came back to find a member of another band going nuts. There was blood all over the gazebo, a dead seal on the ground and a rock beside it.

‘I do not know what happened around the situation.’

Source: Isle of Arron festival act Azure Halo investigated by police after seal killing claims | Daily Mail Online