Donald Trump has accused his Republican presidential nomination rival Ted Cruz’s father of helping in the assassination President John F Kennedy, prompting Cruz to call the billionaire “a pathological liar”.

Trump, who looks set to win the Indiana primary and solidify his lead despite having never held political office, was referring to a debunked story in The National Enquirer that claimed Rafael Cruz had associated with JFK assassin Lee Harvey Oswald before the November, 1963 killing.

The row with Cruz comes as Trump is predicted to win Tuesday’s Indiana poll, victory in which will mean the race is “over”, Trump himself has said.

In a campaign already defined by Trump’s absurd claims and accusations, this one triggered fury from the Cruz campaign, which condemned the story and the billionaire candidate with strong words.

The tabloid claimed it had analysed an photo of Oswald, taken months before he shot the president, and found another man in the photo, who was never identified, is Rafael Cruz.

Ted Cruz’s campaign has said the man in the picture is someone else.

A spokeswoman for his campaign told The Miami Herald: “It’s embarrassing that anyone would enable Trump to discuss this.

“It’s a garbage story and clearly Donald wants to talk about garbage. Ted Cruz will do what he’s been doing, talking about jobs, freedom, and security for the American people.”

In the contest for the most surreal theory about Cruz, this one is competing with claims he is the Zodiac Killer and claims he is a lizard in a human costume.

Source: Donald Trump Branded ‘Pathological Liar’ For Saying Ted Cruz’s Father Rafael Helped Assassinate JFK