Sir David Attenborough celebrated the launch of London Wildlife Trust’s landmark nature reserve, Woodberry Wetlands with volunteers and supporters on Saturday 30 April 2016.

Woodberry Wetlands in London has been closed to the public for 200 years. It opens to the public today, Sunday 1 May. Sir David made this speech yesterday to volunteers, supporters and others who have helped bring the project to fruition which we can run as a blog post by kind permission of The Wildlife Trusts:

Contact with the natural world isn’t a luxury… it is actually a necessity for all of us. All we know about the natural world gives us pleasure, delight, expertise, continuous interest throughout the year – joy on many occasions and solace on sad ones. Knowing about the natural world and being in contact with the natural world is the most precious inheritance that human beings can have.

You’ve been listening to people saying what they’ve been doing and saying it with humour and modesty. But they’ve been doing very, very important things. It’s a huge turnaround. I’ve spent the last 60 or 70 years hearing about this disaster or that disaster – and ‘how can we stop this further catastrophe happening?’ and ‘we’re losing this species, we’re losing much that is so precious’… So it’s marvellous to be here seeing the reverse – seeing things getting better.

Source: Bringing Nature Back in the Heart of London | Sir David Attenborough