David Cameron was met with cries of “racist” in the House of Commons as he joined attacks on Labour’s London mayoral candidate after he claimed that Sadiq Khan had links to a supporter of Islamic State.

Cameron laid into Khan during prime minister’s questions, saying the Labour mayoral contender had nine times shared a platform with a radical imam called Suliman Gani, who he said supported IS (Islamic State).

In the Commons, Cameron said he was “concerned about Labour’s candidate as mayor of London who has appeared again and again and again” on a stage with people he described as extremists.

After being interrupted by cries of “racist” by Labour MPs, Cameron continued: “The leader of the Labour party is saying it is disgraceful. Let me tell him, Suliman Gani – the honourable member for Tooting has appeared on a platform with him nine times. This man supports IS [Islamic State]. I think they are shouting down this point because they don’t want to hear the truth.”

The attack echoed those already made by Zac Goldsmith, the Conservative mayoral candidate, who has claimed his Muslim opponent would be soft on crime because he “provided cover for extremists”.

However, Cameron’s decision to join the attacks intensified criticism of the wider Conservative campaign.

Labour campaign sources believe the Tories are increasing their attempts to associate Khan with extremism in a last-ditch attempt to turn around their candidate’s flagging performance in the polls.

Source: MPs shout ‘racist’ at Cameron after comments on Sadiq Khan during PMQs | Politics | The Guardian