The Prime Minister will now be forced into a humbling debate on his controversial decision to spend nearly £10million of public cash on a Europhile leaflet after voters gave their damning verdict.

Within hours of an online petition being set up, an astonishing 100,000 had signed to condemn the PM’s plans, which provoked outrage amongst Brexit campaigners and sparked accusations the Government is using taxpayers’ money to ‘fix’ the upcoming referendum.

The petition passed the magic number at 10.32pm last night, meaning it must now be considered for a debate amongst MPs in parliament.

By this evening more than 160,00 people had signed the online protest. Get Britain Out, which organised the mass protest, tweeted its thanks to all those who leant their support and said the petition could be debated by MPs as early as Tuesday.

Source: EU referendum – Thousands sign petition in protest at Government’s pro-EU leaflets | Politics | News | Daily Express