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Is it the thieving niggers? Perhaps it is the people who walked across europe to be turned aside at your borders?

Too yellow, too white, too brown..

Lazy people do not walk across europe for fun.

You could watch the telly and learn something – god forbid  anyone should learn anything.- instead of watching the programs your grandparents paid for to be made in the 70’s. (bbc : bringing back crap.)

Now under the cuntservatives if you earn over 75,000  a year you can afford an affordable house.

Since the 70’s we have been told life would be easier, for who?

The fat fuckers have laid you off because it is cheaper done by machine.However we all have to work until we are 75.

Nurses who earn under 35,000 pounds a years can be sent home?


let us see the p.m do some surgery and see how much this cunt is worth.

Even the national lottery, making 134 billion since it started is now harder to win, why, shouldn’t it be easier for the people who pay to be rewarded.


see how quick they are to step up then.

Richard branson went from a student with high-ideals to a money-grabbing cock, just like every other fucker given money. Once they have got it, they ain’t gonna share it.

I started work at ten, not for the money but for the potatoes..

I loathe the cuntservative, but that is just money in their pocket.

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