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Beware of Uncle joe putin…

Remember Yukos?

Thames Valley Housing.

One of my neighbours keeps opening the communal windows in the Hall in the middle of the night, at this time of year. This SUCKS all the heat off the landing and out of my house. Thames Valley Housing have told me to draught-proof my front door or upgrade my heating. NO! STOP THEM OPENING THE WINDOWS IN WINTER, YOU LAZY GITS….

Am I gay?



How Dare You!

In an age when westerners live so long that they are paying to be killed. How dare you prolong the lives of the fat middle classes, while one  Third World child -otherwise healthy- starves to death…

When Statesmen gravely say ‘We must be realistic’,
The chances are they’re weak and, therefore, pacifistic,
But when they speak of Principles, look out: perhaps
Their generals are already poring over maps.


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