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The UK:

So equal no heterosexual can get a job on the bbc…. well not a funny one anyway….

We are not more loving and equal, accepting,cuddly and human, just because we cover the telly with boring,simpering, giggling, homosexuals…

My mother went to work and left me with the old-woman next-door. She couldn’t let me mix with other children unless I saw the un-remitting violence as wrong.
Ms Harris was about a thousand years old, tiny and wizened. Her house was dark, full of cupboards and cups and saucers, much as mine is now…

She taught me to crochet and she taught me about the faeries, the ‘sidhe’..

There are Bogarts, there are pikkaninnies, elves, piggsies and wyddjes..

but the worst of the little people are the croyel…

if you wish to know where the word cruel comes from, it comes from the croyel.

We used to drink tea as we crocheted and she told me old tales of dead things.

Would you like to see them , she asked me one day, then drink this..

And she made me tea (or really a tisane) of eyebright.

And when we walked in her garden of ancient roses, surrounded with tea-leaves, I was enchanted by the little-people…

Some are more sensitive than others, she said… But few can see the croyel…

Have you ever heard of someone who had ‘a monkey on their back’, these are the croyel. they cling to the back of the evil and whisper vile things in their ear…

As an adult I only drank eyebright tea once, because out of the corner of my eye, I saw the naked wizened bat-monkey clinging to my back, or maybe not….

Paul Causton – Do you remember when you wanted to change things,,,….

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