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WHY IS FRANCE INTERFERING IN MALI ? wasn’t it their interference that started the VIETNAM war….. you are not an empire, fuck off … HANDS OFF AFRICA…

You will not scare us into ‘islamaphobia’ in africa…. STOP TRYING TO STEAL AFRICA’s WEALTH by stealth…..

uk buddhists … i shit em..

[ I AM ASHAMED TO HAVE BEEN A MEMBER OF SGI-UK, (started in the uk by Richard CAUSTON) i have never met a larger group of non-buddhists in my life… i have been a member since 1995 and have still to meet a fellow buddhist within SGI..] money money money money money….. not very buddhist.

the parading of a rape victim, to be questioned by the press is almost as disgusting as the act of rape itself


has it got to do with the U.S if we want to leave Europe. Our special relationship just kills our soldiers…
Richard Branson wants us to stay in Europe, SPEND some MONEY supporting the poor you cunt….

Benefits will rise at only 1% until 2020…. How about making it fairer and say ‘if you have ANY SAVINGS’…no benefit. Stop attacking working families AND TAX THE RICH MORE….

End ALL DEFENSE SPENDING. Stop all foreign aid. Instead of forcing the poor to pawn everything they own in an effort to buoy up the Mint, create some enterprise…. spend some of your FAT-CAT cream….

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