I have to go and see a ‘doctor’ employed by ATOS ‘healthcare’ today. Where the ‘doctor’ will tell me there is nothing physically wrong with me and then stop my 63 pound a week in an attempt to starve me into work.
Despite the fact that i am being treated for depression, under the mental health act and stopping my money is against State Benefit Rules.
Once a year this happens and I starve, for 6 months until they allow my claim to resume.
Last time’, due to the stress, I started drinking again after 10 years of abstinence.

Where does the Hippocratic Oath’s ‘first, do no harm’ fit into this picture?

according to Private Eye, people have self-harmed and some committed suicide after having their money stopped by ATOS HEALTHCARE, a french company employed by the uk government to steal back money from the sick….

i used to be eligible for incapacity benefit, but this was stopped after i failed to attend these ‘medicals’, despite the fact I do not like people or going out and did not receive notification of the appointment due to Christmas post and post office strikes. i appealed but lost, it took nearly 3 years but they took 30 pounds a week out of my pocket and my child’s mouth….

the simple fact is, that once i have had my money stopped and have to appeal, I am no longer on ‘benefit’ and do not appear on Government statistics… me and thousands of others.