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Whilst searching for information on deceitic gospels… Found a googlewhack. Deceitic
Whatever happened to raising the standard of living for the least well off.

Pope’s aide slams Britain.

Cardinal Walter Casper today called Britons ‘Third-world aggressive Atheists.’ before withdrawing from the popes tour of the UK.

The Directly Observable.

It is in the nature of ‘things’ that they arise, they abide for a while and they pass away. Storms, stars, planets,galaxies and men. This is Directly Observable. It will pass.
Once again quadron have been on site (and left already), they turn up wander around with blower, moving dirt around, pick up half the litter and leave. They hung up when I rang to complain and don’t openly display their email address. Use a broom, you don’t even cut the grass….
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